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Hey @xxkillajj,


This skin is temporarily disabled at the moment to fix a related issue causing the game to crash.


Once that is fixed you should find the skin in your collection normally, sorry for the confusion!



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Hey folks,


Thanks for hanging in there while this has been worked on, I know you're eager to be able to use the new skin.


We do have an upcoming patch to address this scheduled for later this week, so barring any unforeseen delays you should have access very shortly. I do appreciate the patience in the meantime!

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Hey @juicewrldisluv, are you not seeing the skin back in-game yet, or are you seeing it but can't equip it? Mako.png
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Gotcha! I just took another look on my end and it does appear to be showing up here.


Can you try repairing your game to make sure everything patched correctly with that update?


In Origin you can right-click the game tile and choose the Repair option, or in Steam you'll want to use the Verify Integrity option.


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