about 1 year ago - EA_Kent - Direct link

Hey @memesiguess5


That most likely means you were still logged into the PS4 version of the game when you tried logging in on PS5. 


Make sure that you back out of the game lobby on PS4, then try launching the PS5 version and see if that helps. 

about 1 year ago - EA_David - Direct link

@Xx_YerDead_xX Can you make sure the PS4 game client is shut down too, just to be sure.

If this persists, can you also try resetting the password for the EA account linked to your PSN accounts?

You can log into help.ea.com using the PSN login to make sure you're on the correct account, and start the reset from there.

about 2 months ago - EA_David - Direct link

@Back2skooldaze No, there's no requirement for your EA accounts to have the same password as your console account. In fact, it's likely more secure to have separate passwords for each account. 

For your issue, I think there's might be an account mixup. Most people use the same EA account for each console account, but there's no requirement to do so. 

I think that might be happening here, for example I see on your posting EA account there is a linked Xbox account, but there isn't a linked PS account. 

What you can do is go to ea.com, then log out. You can then log in using the PS login option. This will get you onto the appropriate EA account. You can then go to https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/aboutme/index?errorCode=15900&gameId=ebisu where you can find the relevant email, and you can initiate a password reset.