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Hi @Streamer5655


Are you currently using a VPN? If so, can you try disabling it to see if the Coins are available afterward? 




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What country are you in? @rayzooooo

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Hi @rayzooooo

This may be happening because of the region settings on your Steam account. 


I'd recommend getting in touch with Steam support to see if they can take a look and make sure the region is set correctly. You can find more details on how to reach them at the Steam Support website

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Hey @rayzooooo


If the currency on your EA Account is wrong, it sounds like the region might have been changed or set incorrectly. 


It might be best to get in touch with the EA Help team so they can pull up your account and take a look to see if there's anything they can do to fix that. You can find more details on how to set up a case with them at the EA Help website. You can also speak with them over Twitter or Facebook instead, if you prefer. 

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@ZenHuntX Your region may be a factor too. Can I check where you are, and if changing region/game client language helps?