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Hey @darumaWMA,


As @XHelperZ  mentioned, the Custom Lobby option is now available directly in-game, and you'll no longer need to reach out to the email from that page for approval.


There are minimum player requirements depending on the mode you're trying to play, but aside from those you should be able to create your own Custom Lobbies at will to play with your subscribers. Standard smile

6 months ago - EA_Mako - Direct link
Hi @darumaWMA,

Afraid that would not be possible for us to provide via the forums, or if you've not heard back from the tournament team, sorry.

You're welcome to try reaching out via the email again, but currently the available functionality for everyone would be what's included in the Custom Lobby options at the moment.

We're happy to pass along feedback on the other options you'd like to see, though that's not something I would expect to see change in the near future. Mako.png

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