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My Google-foo is not that great but I did try to search for this topic prior to creating this thread. If this was discussed please delete as necessary.

I want to support the game. I have no problem buying game time up front. But I do not want Embers or fluff to start. I do this in ALL games that have these same business model options (in game currency / fluff). If after I place my initial buy-in and enter a game I change my mind and decide I want in game currency for quality of life benefits I may do so...but later. Why is this not an option in the shop?

For example I would gladly pay for a package of $180us up front for 12 months game time and starting with Alpha One access. And I would even pay again in 12 months for another 12 if the game is not past Beta Two phase. I would even pay $240 for access to include a $60 download or $20/month for 12 months...as long as it didnt include the fluff. Maybe I'm the unique player base but I don't see how this option would be a bad thing. If anything this "middle-budget" option could pull in more revenue.

TLDR: $500 that is the only method of Alpha One access yet FORCES a player to acquire $335 fluff is not logical. As it is now I see this option really only for Promoters who have the $500 covered by their sponsors anyway.
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Hiya friend - there's definitely no "forcing" about it; we've provided Pre-Order options for folks that include subscription time, Embers (cosmetic shop currency), and cosmetic items! The Alpha/Beta access included is just a bonus perk for folks who want to help be early supporters :smiley: You aren't paying for a base game, as the game itself has no box cost - it will simply be available for a subscription fee after launch.

While at this time we have no plans to adjust our Pre-Order Packs, you can always keep an eye on our social media and news channels to see the latest!

I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can help answer in the meantime!