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I am new to the community but I am also very excited to play the game after watching Asmongold and listening to Narc. I absolutely love the concept and would happily subscribe. I have a few questions really, visual animation, Divine node, and Gathering. (Sorry for this being long)

So the actual animation of the skills and player movement are going to be smooth like BDO, GW2, and New World? Also Narc talked about tanking in the game immersive combat system with animation canceling. But i like the idea of manually holding my shield to block attacks in front of me

I had a minor cool Idea about the Divine nodes for sieges. It would be amazing if the Gods gave the node a Divine shield to protect the city from siege fire even if its only 4 shots then you see the shield shatter.

Gathering seems a bit random, unless you know the spots like Wow. But New World you can chop down any tree while ff14 the crafting of a single item is awesome.

Its my understanding that Ashes is trying to create the best of all worlds and create something that has never been done to the MMO world. If this is the Company thats going to remove wow then I will support everything y'all make. I understand its the Alpha but my hopes are high and my spirit is strong. the Absolute Neckbeardy ill put into this you have no Idea.
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Hi there! Since this seems like less of a support/FAQ topic and more of a discussion, am moving this on over to our General Discussion section for other folks to chime in!