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Here is the thing.I purchased the A2 beta on May 29, 2022.It's been a long time waiting for your game to be tested And then waited and waited and forgot about it.Until a while ago I saw on various social platforms that you were going to start A2 testing I tried to log in to my account, but found I had a double password.I lost my phone six months ago Cause me now double password login account can not go up how to do It's a problem with my other account,I used to apply for this account Can I get my account back in this case,I wrote the application form, and after three days, there was no reply to me Can I get my account back in my situation
Greetings mkuis, We did receive your tickets, and we have replied to them. Please follow those directions and we can help with your account. I am closing this thread. Please feel free to make a new post if you have any other questions.