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Hello everyone! Time for another campaign update sneak peek. Outposts may be the single biggest part of it, but there’s going to be much more besides that the next update brings – such as having your submarines progress with you in the campaign. “Does the engine on your Dugong suck? Spend some marks and it will suck less. Not enough power output from the piece of sh*t reactor in your Typhon?


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Hi everyone!

Besides outposts, the next major update is going to contain many other new additions too. We wrote more on the blog[barotraumagame.com] about them for you to read, and here are some highlights:

  • Once outposts become explorable, all trading options will be moved inside outposts. That means, out with the old campaign map and store interface, in with new NPC interactions!
  • With the overhauled store system, it will become possible to also sell items, not just buy them.
  • And finally, in addition to buying items, you will be able to…

Buy submarines and submarine upgrades To make campaign progression more interesting and rewarding, you will be able to improve your submarine as well as buy new subs as you advance in the campaign. The upgrading system will also work with custom subs, so be it a vanilla boat or a player-made one, you can upgrade the hull and the devices within to match your progress in the game.

Sub upgrades tie in with the improved economy system where buying and selling prices vary between different outposts and will even be affected by your actions in the game. Together with all the other things in the new outposts, we hope this will bring some nice additional depth to Barotrauma!

What else is new The upcoming campaign update will also include a visual overhaul. This art unification pass[trello.com] has been in the making for some time, and we’ve now confirmed it will be released with the next major update.

Don’t forget that the work-in-progress version of the next update is already playable in the experimental public unstable version. Beware the bugs and welcome on board!