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So i just purchased the alpha see it started today how soon will i receive my key to get in?
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Originally posted by crazytimbits: I have 200 hours in this game and a kd of 0.18

Hey there Timbits!

If you're looking to get better or lean some new tricks that'll help elevate your play overall, you should check out R6Academy. [r6academy.ubi.com] :)
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I would say grab a friend or two who also want to play. I find that a lot of people are more motivated to play a game if they're doing so with a few people they know. Also, depending on which game mode you're playing, don't stress about losing or playing badly! I feel the most important part about playing games is having fun, it's supposed to be a little mini-escape from our daily lives. If you're with friends, I think you'll have a much better time, regardless of the outcome of your matches. :)
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Join the R6 Discord! There are plenty of PC players in there that'll be able to help you get acclimated to the controls and all that. :) https://discord.gg/rainbow6
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Hi there friend! You won't be receiving a key for testing, as the Alpha One access is already tied directly to your account! Now that you have your forum roles here for Alpha One, you can visit this forum category to see more details on how to join in our testing!

I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist with in the meantime!
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Steam, Epic or something else?

Have they ever worked for you?

What game version and checksum do you see in the MP lobby?  
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The current game version is 1.4.4 , how is it you are on 1.4.2?

How can you have no launcher? From where exactly did you get the game please?  
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Originally posted by xGKxDiamondz

Just Did Them As I’m Speaking And It Worked Thanks 😊

Glad you figured it out, in hindsight we perhaps didn't make it clear enough. We'll work on that!

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