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29 Sep


Originally posted by HolyAndOblivious

Ok I guess I have a question. Maps being massive, draw distance is important. Do you use fog, terrain or any other masking techniques? Is the entire map and all 128 players rendered even though you can't obviously see from one end to the map to the other?

Finally, is there hard cover for infantry against tanks in open ground or is it a series of slopes where the average infantry man gets blown up by airplanes and tanks without a chance?

We mainly use occluders (that literally removes anything behind it so it wont render, but is only used in indestructible things like bigger buildings and terrain/rocks etc. Also we have LODs on the assets making sure that they are very basic from far away (essentially making sure assets arent rendered with all their detail you see up close from far away).

Yes! I'm an infantry player mainly myself so I always make sure there are some hard cover, to varying degree ofc. Some areas are meant for vehicles but even then it's great to have some stuff to play around.


Originally posted by Comprehensive-Elk368

It seems the map is really big. A map that big does it contain certain areas/flags where was built to be more "soldier x soldier", "tank x tank"?

For sure! It was built to make sure there is something for everyone :) For example if you want to fight all the time go to the launch site sectors (Assembly Building - Crawlerway - Launch Platform) and if you want a slower pace fight along the ridge on the side sectors

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Originally posted by Bolt_995

Oh ok. Is he a Support?

You'll learn more about him soon. But in the meantime, looking at his gear should give you an idea.

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Originally posted by Bolt_995

You had an operator called Delta in your E3 gameplay trailer, is he a renamed Dozer or different?

Delta is Dozer. Just an early name for him.


This is a game, and your education is far more important than any game will ever be. The decisions your making now, the studying, will have a much bigger impact than reaching a certain level.

This game will always be here waiting for you whenever you decide to spend time on it, no matter how much or little that time may be.

Trust me, you'll be thankful in the longrun that you got your head down and studied 🙂

And when you're not studying? Well, we'll see you on the Battlefield!


Hold on, are people wanting the blue filter from Battlefield 3 back!?
It's not too late to form a petition to the grand council of DICE! 😋❤️


Cheers for the show of support!
See you on the Battlefield, No-Pat :)


Originally posted by GodBlessThosePagans

I'm confused about the skin categories. Two different types of categories are called out, rarities and tiers. Are they synonymous?

cosmetics are available in the following rarities:

Common (Grey)

Rare (Blue)

Epic (Purple)

Legendary (Gold)


An example of a Tier 1 Outfit – work in progress.

Tier 1 is the name of the set, not the rarity or tier. A note that this name is work in progress and may change at a later time, but for the most - if it's red and black, it's Tier 1.

Similar to how we have stated the names for some other sets on our preorder or edition beauty shots - "Tempest", "Cold Blood" and "Blistered Earth" bundles.


Originally posted by Jwaldmann25

Damn we went from getting no info to getting a shit load of info dumped on us

Sometimes less is more, and more is less. It's a fine balance, we know that there's a thirst for information and we're working as best we can to facilitate that while the team are hard at work on polishing the game up for launch and beyond.

When we have things to share, we will absolutely make it clear that we have things to share - patience is a rare commodity but it's one we all need a little more of with the state the world is in right now ❤️

Stay safe out there, and we'll see you on the Battlefield, next week!


Originally posted by EastvsWest

Pre load on my birthday and game all weekend! Woohoo 🎉🎉

Happy Birthday ahead of time!!


Originally posted by Grymsta

i wish the game had modular customization like Halo: Reach did, but ill take the headgear + body mix n match system over being forced to wear a skin. my only concern is that a lot of the cosmetics we've seen so far come in a variety of colors, so i get the feeling that trying to color coordinate different pieces is gonna be a pain in the ass. here's to hoping for a dye system or something lol.

There will definitely be more neutral outfits on offer, alongside the likes that we've shown today - got you covered there!


Originally posted by Frandaero

The only thing I disliked about the briefing is Black and Red being the color scheme for top Mastery cosmetics

What color scheme would you have preferred instead? Perhaps there's an non-Mastery cosmetic like the one you're wanting :)


Originally posted by Ash_Killem

Glad they are still doing unlockable skins. Was worried they would be purchasable only. A healthy variety will hopefully help to avoid the clone wars from happening.

Happy with the progression and mastery. Basically exactly what I would have wanted. Hopefully there are some crazy ribbons/cards to earn.

Customization and player expression has always been key at differentiating you from another soldier, there will be a fair amount of outfits out there to help achieve that - definitely aware of player concerns around that but hopefully in folks seeing these Tier 1 Mastery shinies it'll help ease those concerns :)

We're always watching and reading!


Originally posted by Frandaero

I don't like red :(

This is merely the style for the "Tier 1" set, obtainable via working towards your mastery. There will be plenty of different outfits to obtain that aren't Red and Black, fear not! :)

28 Sep


Originally posted by Chase10784

Honestly I think the stuff looks great and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I didn't see any headshots in the trailer so I'm curious how those hitmarkers and sounds will be. Going for the headshots in the beta just to see that lol.

All I’ll say is that I think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.


Originally posted by Chase10784

I am curious if the kill feed is still a placeholder and probably will be adjusted further by launch along with the hit markers? I love the red hit marker explosion that happens you get that sweet sweet kill.

Everything is subject to change during this moment in time. With UI in particular, so it’s very possible they may get an iteration but I don’t expect things in the HUD to change too drastically from beta to release. Perhaps afterwards if there’s some significant feedback.


Just wanna say that I am VERY pleased to see some love for the UI since we’ve shown this trailer. I’m going to take a moment to be bias here (forgive me) - but there are many folks in UI that make it functional, and look as intended by the artists within the engine who have done an amazing job. Many unsung heroes working extremely hard to polish up and improve the experience overall and I’m proud to see the quality ramp up over time.

See you guys on the battlefield very soon 🤘🏻

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Originally posted by MesyJesy

Yeah, I’m really concerned there will be no differentiation between teams. Can you fly an SU-57 on the US team?

No you cannot. SU-57 is for Russian forces, just to confirm.


In the interest of EA's commitment to our Positive Play Charter (if you haven't seen it you can check it out here) and making our game and communities safe and fun for everyone, significant efforts have and will continued to be made in eliminating toxic behavior from our environments. We can't comment exactly what measures we have taken, but yes - profanity will be addressed.



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