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Originally posted by sterrre

Xbox or playstation? If you ever visit the west coast US maybe I'll see you on the battlefield.

Just a comment, if vehicles have more seats like was implied after the gameplay reveal then it might be even more important that seat switching is easy to do.

I'm based in the UK and mostly focus on Xbox and PC gaming, the PlayStation is often there for exclusives though! :)


Originally posted by sterrre

This is a great idea! I have a key rebound (L3) for switching to seat 1 but anything else is just horrible.

u/T0TALfps I don't know what bf2042 UI will be like but if this suggestion had been in previous battlefield games it would have made vehicles so much easier to use on console.

This is actually a great idea, and as a console player myself I know how frustrating it can be to often flip between seats. There isn't much that I can say on the subject as we're still way ahead of time, but I will definitely send this suggestion through for consideration later down the road.


Really nice wallpaper, welldone!

11 Jul


Nothing to share on this right now, but rest assured that as soon as we are able to confirm them, we will do so. You can absolutely expect them to be posted before launch, with as much time as possible to allow you to prepare if you need to do so!

08 Jul


Originally posted by TallBody

Squad mate Seb out there being an adrenaline junkie lol

Best view in the house Battlefield.

07 Jul


This is fantastic!

Passing it on to our Social Media Manager! 😁

05 Jul

29 Jun


Originally posted by sterrre

I remember there was a dev talk for bfv in where members of Dice went to visit places like iwo jima and the Solomon Islands. Did you get a chance to visit the spaceport on French Guiana?

Not sure I can talk about specifics just yet but usually it's the artists going on those trips, in previous games it was anyway :D I just focus on the gameplay itself, they got the environments covered!


Originally posted by sterrre

Which of the announced 2042 maps did you work on?

Orbital and Renewal :)

28 Jun


Originally posted by Born-To-Grill

I couldnt find a singe image of that DICE weapon camo in BF4. Am I right to assume its just flat black?

For Battlefield 4, I believe it was flat black yep!
Along with the actual soldier camouflage for DICE SE being flat black. There was also a DICE LA one which was flat white (polar opposites).
Cool thing about them was that they also hid you from thermals! 😁


I see you penguins, I see you. Also, the nod to Arrested Development is 100% a vibe.