17 days ago - Ignasis - Direct link

Hey @Kniveus

Does the inventory you’re trying to open have many items, or is it located in an area with many player made buildings?

11 days ago - Mayra - Direct link

Apologies for the delay.

Can you share more details of the issue with us?

  1. Was this happening only on the private server or also on singleplayer?
  2. If you try to move away from the buildings does the issue still occurs?
  3. Is the server owned by you?
  4. Do you restart the server on a daily basis?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

10 days ago - Mayra - Direct link


Thank you for the additional information. It sounds that it could be related to your server. In this case, we suggest you join Discord where you can find troubleshooting articles and other Admins that can assist you in finding the issue:

Thanks in advance.