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The LearnFeat, ForgetFeat, and ForgetAllFeats will only affect your own character. The [0/1] after ForgetAllFeats allows the option to also remove feats that were taught by NPCs rather than unlocked from feat points.

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Fixed now.

Added valid reason on changelog.

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They are kept intentionally vague. They can be found around Siptah, partaking in any of the new or revised activities, as exploration rewards and so on.
We want you all to go out, explore and participate in what’s new on Siptah.

If still in need of more precise information, we’re sure our wiki masterminds will get that information on paper soon, or any of our content creators will have a highlight of the new stuff for those of you who don’t mind the spoilers (we heard there’s a camps location highlight video already out, by @Pixelcave :slight_smile: ).

New content for the Exiled lands has been pinpointed on where to find it, however.

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We’ll release a post in the near future with the exact locations that will be affected by the new camps, how the new settings will affect any existing buildings, as well as any terrain changes that could affect current buildings. We want to release this in advance and give enough time so people can prepare for it before it goes live.

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This is not the update that expands the lands of Siptah, this is the update that revamps the already existing lands and content. :slight_smile: New lands are coming in another update.

Let me quote myself from the same reply :slight_smile:

To further specify, we have pointed out the content that has been revamped. i.e. new camps, Vaults reworked, Siptah’s purge. We want players to test that content by participating in it, not by reading a detailed list of what’s new in there. New rewards are given by participating in those activities.

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Hello everybody,

We have released a new revision of the Testlive build, version 2.3.275862.

Here’s the Changelog:

Currently Known Issues

  • The Deep One Archers have a few issues handling the Bow during several animations, and they’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Fixed an issue where bleed effects could cause the client to disconnect.
  • The game should no longer crash when using a controller to close the Server Browser after navigating the server list.


  • Thrall cages are now enabled, the prisoners are no longer in another castle.
  • “Kiah, the Incorruptible” merchant has been split into two different vendors, “Miah” and “Kiah”, each selling one of the pets that were previously sold by Kiah exclusively as a bundle.


  • Items crafted by Priest thralls at religious altars will now get the expected bonuses.


  • Increased the size of the hitbox for the 1-handed spear light sprint attack, making it easier to land hits.


  • Thralls rescued from cages will now have the correct behavior settings.
  • Improved NPC navigation in several camps, as well as in the Nameless Shadow boss location, while also addressing some issues where they also had trouble attacking their targets or were floating.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that led NPCs would get stuck in Vault 5.
  • NPCs from “The Volary of the Harpy” and the boss from “The Volary of Jhil” vaults will no longer have issues with landing attacks on players.
  • Accursed_Armorer_4_Cimmerian3 is now an armorer rather than an archer.
  • Thunn’Ha pets can now be placed.
  • Shaggai pets should now have a proper growth-curve and perks.
  • Fixed an issue where commanding the following thrall to stop would make all active thralls move to its position.


  • Rebalanced the Khayne armor as it was giving extremely high stat bonuses, it should now provide an attribute bonus of 3 Strength and 2 Vitality.
  • “Eldarium-Reinforced Chests” now have 50K hitpoints rather than 5k.
  • Removed lightning damage from the “Convergence Trap”.
  • Fixed an issue where a Scout Corpse in one of the Medium Camps was giving a Fragment of Power instead of a Scout’s Report.
  • Graves will always provide loot when dug.
  • The “Nameless Shadow” boss can no longer be knocked out.
  • The “Voidforge Gladius” has had its effects repurposed and will now apply Poison.
  • “Thunn’ha Javelin” should now apply Bleed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused recipes that used Wood and Shaped Wood to grant more XP than intended. This will result in significantly decreased XP gained from crafting, so feel free to provide us with your constructive feedback as we’ll make further adjustments to this if you feel that the change is too impactful.
  • Increased the population density in one of the big camps.


  • The altar socket no longer spawns while a surge is active, making it easier to loot refund bags from the Focus Altars.


  • “Sigil of the Serpent” is now correctly applying the Pure buff, which removes 2 stacks of Poison every 2.5 seconds.
  • “Blackwater Leggings” and “Blackwater Gauntlets” will now equip to the correct slots.
  • The Wanderlust buff should no longer persist after removing the Wanderlust armor set.
  • The Journey Step to combine orb effects can no longer be achieved by using a single type orb type.
  • Small spiders spawned by the “Spider of Leng” boss are no longer affected by graphical artifacts.
  • Player hair will no longer clip through the Dragonbone Helmet.
  • “Kraxus’ Helm” and the Blackwater armor set are no longer invisible while being worn by players.
  • “AltarModuleActiveTimeMultiplier” server setting will now function properly for Leyshrine Palisades and Walls.
  • Reentering the “Asylum of the Outsiders” vault will no longer cause multiple instances of NPCs to spawn.
  • Fixed a save game issue where Static buildable objects, such as braziers, would double after updating the game.
  • “Quartermaster Kung” will now drop a Keyring as originally intended.
  • “The Minstrel Boss” will now drop the “Song of the Minstrel” as originally intended. You can toss a coin to our bugfixers.
  • Added interaction to a readable scroll located in the “Den of the Wolfmen” basement.
  • The Thrall Cage console commands should now be working as expected:
    • DC ThrallCage Spawn - Fills all Thrall Cages.
    • DC ThrallCage Clear time - despawns Thralls that are inside cages and repopulates them.
    • DC ThrallCage Randomize - Randomizes which Thrall Cages have prisoners while obeying the prisoner limit and existing respawn timers.
    • DC ThrallCage Reset - Empties all Thrall Cages, resets all respawn timers, and starts naturally spawning in prisoners (may take a minute or two to reach the prisoner limit again).
  • It should no longer be possible to retrieve the “Iron Leg-hold Trap” after it has been placed.
  • Removed the “Wasting Disease” effect from the “Voidforge Shortsword” as it was causing some unexpected client stability issues.
  • “Calandra the Reaver” is now wearing leggings.
  • The new Lightweight arrows may now be loaded into bows and shot.
  • Llogoir weapons are now granting bonuses as intended.
  • It should now be possible to respawn within “The Tower”.
  • Learning the “Furniture Maker” feat should no longer unlock additional feats from the Isle of Siptah.
  • Removed vultures near one of the new camps as they interfered with NPC behavior.
  • Removed some non-functional lore books from the camps.
  • Gas traps around one of the “Black Corsairs” camps should now always retract into the surface they’re placed on.
  • The feat book for Eldarium Tools should no longer open a popup window.
  • Schematic for Blackwater armor should now teach the correct feat, rather than teaching “Pride of the Silent Legion”.
  • “Great Axe of the Wolf” is now using the correct mesh.
  • Menagerie Shield had its LOD (Level of Detail) tweaked to smooth out geometry transition.
  • Certain camp loot chests that were not spawning Essences will now do so.
  • “Tcho-Tcho Ally”, “Tcho-Tcho Veteran Ally”, “Thunn’ha Ally”, and “Thunn’ha Veteran Ally” pets should now have an expiration timer rather than durability.
  • Fixed an issue where it would be possible for the meteors not to spawn on the Isle of Siptah.


  • Expanded No Build area on “The Haunted Wreck” to prevent blocking NPC spawns.
  • Fixed the placement of a grave in the “Wreck of the Sea Dog” camp that would sometimes spawn on top of the wreck rather than on the ground.
  • Fixed a LOD issue on the camp close to Siptah’s Contemplation that caused new assets to load only when in very close proximity.
  • Fixed several locations where players could get stuck in geometry.
  • Fixed an issue where no NPCs would spawn at a specific camp.
  • Plinth Mesh in Menagerie has been replaced by an updated version.
  • Various loot chests from the new camps and one of the shipwrecks have been moved to address some clipping and looting issues.
  • Closed gaps in the mesh inside a tower close to the “Towerwatch Keep” and some of the terrain close to one of the medium camps and the “Riverwatch Keep”.
  • Fixed the interaction with some of the weapons present in the camps, so that they can be picked up.
  • Lecterns for Harpy Weapon and Armor feat are now facing the correct direction.
  • Increased scale and visibility for the interactable trophy that teaches the “Devolved Bat Claw” feat.
  • Meteor spawn locations on the Isle of Siptah were updated to prevent blocking a certain pathway on one of the new camps.
  • Fixed some misplaced banners and totems in one of the camps.
  • Disabled collision on the ropes for the Stygian tents and broken masts.
  • Updated collision and no climbing volumes in some of the camps to help prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Adjusted the prop and grass locations in some of the camps, as they were hovering.
  • Moved two spawn points that were spawning birds inside of geometry in the forest area.
  • Adjusted a crocodile spawn point that was too close to one of the camps, interfering with its NPCs.
  • Adjusted the blood decals in the torture chamber at the large Western camp.
  • Adjusted scaffolds near one of the camps, preventing the Sasquatch from going through their mesh.
  • Adjusted the boat and chest in a pirate camp to prevent the water from overflowing into them.
  • Updated collisions in one of the camps to prevent a wild dog NPC from spawning stuck in geometry.
  • “The Haunted Wreck” has been reverted to its pre-revamp state, as it was in Patch 2.2.
  • Added VFX (Visual Effects) to the displays in the Menagerie room inside “The Tower”.
  • Reduced the intensity of the Surge Portals tornado effect.


  • Feats learned from Feat Teachers now correctly show Level 0 as the lever requirement.
  • The Siptah Storm buff is no longer visible, as it’s currently obsolete.
  • Map markers (including death markers) for characters and followers will now stay locked to “The Tower”’s entrance while they are inside.
  • Added missing images for new Armor pieces - Gremlin armor pieces, Harpy Claw Gauntlets, Bat Skin Cowl, Mask of the Fiends, Demon Steel Helmet, Great Wolf armor pieces, Drowned Regalia pieces, Serpent Skin armor pieces, and Feathered Jhil armor pieces.
  • The Wanderlust buff had its placeholder icon replaced with the final one.
  • The Stygian Invader Priests are now named correctly.
  • “Surge Harvester” and “Barricade Control” recipes in the “Elder Constructions” feat should now indicate where to craft them.
  • Fixed a typo in the Twice-Drowned Warpaint’s name.
  • “Nordheimer Shelvings” and “Nordheimer Shelvings” should no longer have placeholder names.
  • All “Ruins” placeables should no longer have placeholder descriptions.
  • “Shaggai Queen Jelly” and “Shaggai Larvae” should no longer have placeholder names and descriptions.
  • “Jailor’s Key 11010” no longer has a placeholder description.
  • Added descriptions to several lootable items from the Vault creatures - Silent Slash, Gremlinfang, Fiend-bone Hammer, Fiend-bone Mace, The Beak, Goblinfang, Eldarium Cache, Claws of the Wolf, Wolf-storm, Venom-Sac, Devolved Bat Claw, Devolved Bird Wing, Devolved Drowned Scale, Devolved Fiend Bone, Devolved Goblin Hand, Devolved Harpy Feather, Devolved Serpent-man Hand, Devolved Spider Chunk, Wolf-Eye, Anti-venom.
  • Added names and descriptions to multiple Menagerie recipes and feats that are unlocked via the recipes obtained in “The Tower”.
  • Added names and descriptions to the new weapon and armor items unlocked from the Vault feat teachers.
  • Added descriptions to the items and recipes from the “Devolved” and “Wrecker” feats.
  • Added missing text to some Scout Reports, as well as an item description.
  • Replaced placeholder names, icons, and descriptions on the “Chop Chop” figurines.
  • Replaced the placeholder names for several camps on the Isle of Siptah.
  • Fixed an error in the Chapter 3 Journey, “Find Civilization”.
  • Fixed an error in the thrall rescue notification text.
  • Adjusted two NPCs from one of the camps that were sitting on the floor way too close to a table, they are now rested and standing firmly.
  • Added descriptions to “Stomach-Sac”, “Blood-Sac”, “Venom-Sac”, “Stygian Tent”, “Huntress Arrows”, “Eldarium Pick”, “Eldarium Hatchet”, “Song of the Minstrel”, and the Eye-changing feats.
  • “Medium Silent Legion” and “Light Silent Legion” armor pieces will now show the attribute bonuses granted.
  • Added missing overlay icon to Lightweight arrows when they are applied to bows.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the use of capital letters between different Devolved Statues, Trophies, and Insignias.
  • Fixed the description of the “Devolved Harpy Statue”.
  • The placeable “Devolved Goblin Hand Trophy” is now properly named as Hand instead of Horn.
  • Fixed the placeholder names and descriptions for the new Siptah Weapon Modkits.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the names of the “Thunn’Ha Ally” and the “Thunn’ha Veteran Ally”.
  • Fixed the alignment of the “Tome Restrict Avatar Summoning” server settings in the UI so that they are not overlapping text.


  • Updated the audio for the Vault 5 gate.
  • “Shamalla The Pirate Queen” should no longer have an audible, unintended voice-over, staying mute as originally intended.
  • Default brazier sound volume has been reduced.
  • We have told the audient void and tweaked a sound cue to prevent the “Nyarlathotep” tentacle loop from getting stuck.
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We’re hoping to provide a date for the parity patch sometime after the release of 2.3 on the live branch for PC.

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We provided more information about the consoles parity patch in our latest producer letter, which can be accessed below:

However, this thread is for discussing and providing feedback about the current PC Testlive patch. Please keep the feedback about the topic at hand.

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Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VIII)
Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues: Hello Exiles! It has been a few weeks since we released the previous u…