21 days ago - Sarealac - Direct link

Hello @Xevyr

Thank you for reporting these issues to us, but please make sure to use the given Bug Report Template.

This template may seem irrelevant, but it’s required for us to properly register any bugs.

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!

20 days ago - Mayra - Direct link


We understand the template might not make sense and feel extensive but it will assist us in directing the issue to the responsible people. Please reply to this message with the requested information so we can forward it.

  1. Game mode: did you notice this on Singleplayer, or online?
  2. Server type: private, official server, or co-op?
  3. Server name: name or the number of the official server.
  4. Mods: do you have any mods installed or had any mods active by the time you notice the issue?

Thanks in advance.

20 days ago - Mayra - Direct link


Thank you very much for the clarification and additional information.

Have an amazing weekend! :smiley: