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28 Jun

Dear players, thank you for your patience!
We are thrilled to announce that Craftopia has just released the highly anticipated Seamless World Update today!

Experience a completely transformed Craftopia, born anew after two years of additional development. Explore a vast and brand-new world, engage in revamped combat with new techniques, conquer reworked dungeons, and enjoy the convenience of new automated facilities such as Pipelines. We invite you to enjoy the delights of Craftopia's evolution!
(For those interested in transferring your progress from the old Craftopia, please refer to ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
Thank you for playing Craftopia.

We would like to provide you with instructions on how to transfer your Craftopia data to the Seamless World update.

Please note that after the Seamless World update, any newly created characters will have their progress reset when you perform the data transfer.

Make sure to complete the data transfer **before** progressing further in the Seamless World version. Please see the notes at the end for more details.

1. In the classic version of Craftopia, place the items you want to transfer into your character's inventory.

※ If you have already installed Seamless World, you can play the classic version of Craftopia by selecting the "Legacy" branch from the beta section within Craftopia's properties in your Steam library.

2. Launch Craftopia with the Seamless World update a... Read more
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Originally posted by Ghaos: Ngl I've been impatiently waiting for the seamless update too but like search the discussion threads for pretty much any slur and it's been hurled at the devs, the players, and the critics. Imagine you're trying to make a cute and wholesome game and instead of a community you got a bunch of redditors throwing slurs around. I just feel bad for the devs.

Most of the team don’t speak English and I don’t spend much time translating anything other than bug reports and genuine feedback so, I wouldn’t worry about it!
The team will continue making the game they want to make either way :)

27 Jun

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That is 3 hours from now for anyone wondering. :)
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We will post official news. Seamless Update will be available at 12:00 JST on June 28th.
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Originally posted by Anthony: They have been promising an update for 2 years.

"Coming soon"

Until it is realized, it's an empty promise. Moreso since they have delayed the date.

11:48 PM
Tuesday, June 27, 2023 (GMT+9)
Time in Tokyo, Japan
(As of this post, as per Google)

They say it will be released now on the 28th at 12:00. So almost 24 hours to go! (Assuming Google is correct with time)

12:00 JST on the 28th is 12 hours from now, not 24.
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Craftopia's "Seamless World" update was scheduled to be released on June 27th, but we are currently fixing some bugs and will most likely release it after 12:00 on June 28th.(JST) We apologise for the long wait and thank you for your understanding.

26 Jun

22 Jun

Hello everyone!
Craftopia's largest update ever, the "Seamless Update" is scheduled to release on June 27! (Japan time)

Craftopia is still in early access, so we need your feedback, especially after the release of this update.
As this is the largest update we have ever done, there are bound to be some balancing issues or bugs so we would appreciate it if you could report bugs and provide feedback when possible.

Please note that this update will initially only apply to the Steam version. The Xbox version will be updated at a later date.

We plan to do regular updates to the game every 2 weeks, as well as larger content updates, so stay tuned!

(Please understand that we may need to delay it by a couple of days if any serious issues appear before then)
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

21 Jun

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Originally posted by Heebus: I just wanna create something for everyone to dump ideas for the game that they think would be cool. Created in hope that Devs/Modders will answer our wishes. :praisesun:


We have a dedicated channel for this on our Discord which we actively monitor so if you'd like to share some ideas, I encourage you to do so there.

05 Jun

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