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When you say "anymore", it was okay for a while before this happened? Is that right? Or it was like this right from the start?

Any mods involved?

What happens if you disable autosave, any different?  
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Master Seat said: stuttering and fps drops from beginnen - after some fixes in my system it worked for a while and now its stuttering and droping frames every 5 secs again.
What nature of fixes in your system seemed to help?
Master Seat said: i played a game with auto saves every moth and it worked fine a few days ago
What change or update to your system occurred between when the game last ran okay and first had this problem?
Master Seat said: Are u the only tech-supp for that game ? I can also speak german if there is a german techsupport
We only give support in English here, I'm afraid. You are welcome to post in our German forum, but there is no official support offered there:

Crusader Kings I-III

forum.paradoxplaza.com forum.paradoxplaza.com  
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The thing is that the game itself has not changed between when you bought it and now. But you say it ran bad, then was okay, then ran bad again. So clearly something outside the game is causing this for you, something that changes in your system.

I've seen massive Windows updates downloading cause that kind of thing, but yours is up to date it seems.

I do see a crash in the nVidia software in that dxdiag so let's do a clean reinstall and update of that:
- uninstall the nVidia driver and all nVidia software
- reboot
- install the latest (Dec 2020) from here:
Download Drivers | NVIDIA - reboot again

do a full **clean** re-install:

- move any valued save games elsewhere
- "uninstall" in Steam-CK3
- manually delete both the Steam/SteamApps/common/CK3 AND Documents/Paradox/CK3 folders
- re-install game in Steam, run a Steam Verify when done.
- add CK3.exe to the exceptions list of your antivirus app; ESPECIALLY if you have Windows Defender, add it to the Ransomware "Apps Allowed Through" list.
In particular make sure there are no files or folders left under either the Steam CK3 or Documents CK3 locations, before installing again.

THEN unload GeForce Experience if it is loaded, and try the game again from the PLAY button in Steam.

Good luck with that!  
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That other thread you posted in say they only get the issue when scrolling with the mouse, not using the WASD keys. Do you find that too?  
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So you can just be sitting on the main game menu, and you see the fps reading drop down then recover every few seconds, is that the case? Without you doing anything on the mouse or keyboard?

If so that's pretty bad, but it's hard to see what could be causing that!

Does it happen in fullScreen and windowed modes?  
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I doubt it very much, but you could do a clean reinstall again (as per post #7 above), changing your Steam download region before installing again so it comes from a different Steam server.  

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Crusader Kings I-III
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