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Noticed a color change in the game now that its been optimized for series consoles. Most of the colors are much more saturated except for you character, there actually kinda under saturated. Like the Dark Future skin isnt black anymore its pretty dark grey. Not for sure if this is how its supposed to be now. Its not bad just different. I already tryed closing the game and re-opening it. I can deff get used to it if this is just how it is now. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this too? Alot of the yellow colors are just orange now. It kinda seems like maybe HDR is broken or it was broken before and now it works? I cant tell. But playn the game every day, i now how it use to look and its different.

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u/GSG_Jacob Any ETA on a fix for HDR being implemented back into the game?

We’re currently debating leaving it out, putting it back in broken as it was, or see if we can make it a toggle, so people can pick their poison.