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So now it's my turn! For anyone that may not know me, my name is Basti or better known as Timonx25, and I am one of the international Community Managers here at Bungie on Destiny 2. This is my first Community Focus ever, and I couldn't be happier to do this with a creator from my home country Germany. Please welcome xT1dusx. xT1dusx is a creator who has been with Bungie and Destiny from the beginning. But he can explain it much better to you!  

Hey, xT1dusx super nice to have you here! One of the first things we usually ask Community Focus creators is to introduce themselves in their own words, so... Hau rein! (Let´s go)!  

I am xT1dusx, and I am a Destiny creator from Germany. I live in a rather small but beautiful town in the north of Germany called Osnabrück. When I am not playing Destiny, I work as a controller at a logistics company.  I also love going to the cinema, watching soccer (football), and going on walks in the forest close to my home. Most evenings and weekends, I hang out in the Tower and help Guardians with raids, dungeons, and any content they need help with.  

I know you´ve been a gaming fan since a very young age, but I was wondering how this love started?  

Everything started when I was six years old. One evening my dad came home with an NES console. He bought it for himself because he was a huge Tetris fan trying his best to solve the hardest levels. But, of course, my siblings and I also wanted a fair share of time with the console. So, we ended up playing more than him, which resulted in him buying a second one just for himself and hiding it in his office so he could also play.  

One of the games he bought with the NES was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At this point, I was already a huge fan of the series and the comics. I honestly can´t tell you how often I’ve finished the game by now.  
But I really started to game with my first personally owned console: the Nintendo 64, where I mostly played games like Mario Kart, Super Mario & Banjo-Kazooie. My start with first-person shooters, however, was Halo. With that game, the attachment with Bungie started very early and eventually led me to Destiny 2, a game I play nearly every day!  
I remember looking at the first screenshots and trailers for Destiny, thinking: “When can I preorder?” So, I ordered the game at my local store, and surprisingly it arrived way earlier than expected on the Saturday before launch. The problem was that the servers weren’t supposed to come online until the following Tuesday at 12 AM in Germany. My friends and I decided we didn’t want to wait that long, so we changed the time zone on our consoles to New Zealand to play the game right then and there! We felt so cool, haha...  
Eight years later, I am still here and just can´t stop! I have so many great memories of the saga and met so many great people over the years in the Tower and throughout the solar system. Another reason for me was the first time we went into Vault of Glass. Trying to figure out the mechanics and finishing the raid got me hooked on the game. 

You are one of many creators in Germany who helps other Guardians. What drives you to help other players?  

In the beginning of Destiny, I had a fixed raid team with whom I finished all Triumphs and all raids. When Bungie announced that some content would be vaulted, a lot of viewers in my stream didn´t have the Triumphs and loot from different raids. They came to my stream asking if we could help them out before the raids were vaulted. I asked my teammates if we would like to help them out. Everybody was fine with trying that, so we decided on a Friday night to open a list where everybody could enter their name, and we would work through the list to help as many people as possible. We couldn´t imagine how many players were trying to catch a spot in one of our runs. Since then, we haven´t stopped. We started by doing it weekly, and now we do it three or four times a week. I couldn´t imagine how cool it is to help other Guardians achieve their goals and hear their happiness. It´s been a wild ride, and I won´t stop doing it.  

This sounds amazing! I think I can say “thank you” on behalf of the whole community for helping us!  Speaking of community, what is it that you like most about the German community?  

I think not only the German community, but the Destiny community overall is, from my point of view, super helpful. Of course, I can just talk about the people that are present in my streams and who I play with. But there are so many people eager to helpthat won´t get tired of explaining and taking the time for New Lights or players who can´t find a fireteam to finish a raid or Grandmaster Nightfall. This is so cool to see, and one of the reasons I think Destiny is so special for me and  many other Guardians out there in the stars.  

Wow, thank you for these kind words. A few weeks ago, a lot of German creators came together to participate in a self-organized raid race. Congrats on your second place, by the way. You and the others played King´s Fall. Could you tell us how it was and who you decided to take on your team?  

First, thanks for the congratulations. To answer this, I must go back in time a little bit. The first creator raid race in Germany was after the release of Vow of the Disciple, which Andy Edition and I organized. We thought it would be a super cool idea to create a competition between creators running a raid. The goal was to create a memorable event for our communities and, of course, something for Andy and me to compete over, haha. The first challenge we had here was to find suitable rules for the race. Since we wanted to create a competition where you couldn´t cheese your way through the raid with sword-skating, plate hoping, and so on, we had to find a middle ground between what was allowed and what was forbidden. After that, we picked out creators, and they had to organize their teams. Before the race, we challenged ourselves by provoking each other (In a friendly way because we have known each other for quite some time). Andy won the first race before me, haha... This was how it all started.  

This time, iPhil organized the race, so a big shout out to him because he did an amazing job evolving the rules and making the competition a great event for all of us! I went into the race with my team (Monstazicke, Plasmakilla, Hanauer, Jan, Schendzie) and we were so close to winning, but Andy’s team won again. Next time  my team will win the race, hopefully! 

Finally, I wanted to ask you to give some advice to new Destiny players who want to start playing the game or are at the beginning of their Destiny career.  

The main thing I can tell everybody who wants to start the game is don´t be afraid to ask for help. Destiny is a very complex game, and it is hard to learn everything about it. There are so many great communities that love to help. So go out there, ask for help and enjoy playing the game! It is worth it!  

Thanks, xT1dusx, for the great interview and everything you do for the German community!  

So that is it for my first Community Focus ever. I enjoyed working with xT1dusx on this very much, and I hope you liked it as well. If you want to follow xT1dusx, just go and visit him on Twitch or Twitter. See you in the stars, Guardians. 

Haut rein! 


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