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12 May

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Originally posted by GodzillaLikesBoobs

dont get me wrong, i was there in the stream. almost 3 hours long, took a few breaks and went to the VoD.

but from a february release to march to if not march to definitely april to.... this....

poor jayden. F.

also two overwatch friends are super hyped at the art style, maps, the 1v1 clan duel (i prefer classic), and were amazed when you showed sliding the weapon across the bottom from right to center. they were wondering about vertical limits.

but damn firefrog, keep it up. but we're pretty frustrated now.

edit: Freeze Tag over Space CTF. everyone knows ctf. its in OW, its in every afps. its over and done. freeze tag is a lot more engaging as a TDM+Arena kinda style. There really should be a big Freeze Tag menu access icon and not just servers.

yeah its very frustrating for us also about release. but we are doing our very best

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Originally posted by GodzillaLikesBoobs

basically still a mess, so much to finish, do not expect a release or trailer this month

plz its a beautiful mess

13 Apr

06 Feb

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We've done some pre production/concept tests. We still have some way to go on the statue before we have a product to send out. The game dev project was quite the task. So I took the decision to hold off on some rewards till post launch to ensure we could focus our whole team on the game.

Here's a bad quality camera phone photo of a very early test concept done by Omar. Its a cool test even if it doesn't really reflect the final product.


Shortly after beta we will start work again on the statue and other KS rewards :) Hope that's ok

27 Jan

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Originally posted by gexzor

30/30 is bad for the gameplay. There should really be some sort of offset between the items. Otherwise it just becomes a boring back and forth pendulum pattern.

its 25, 35 for the reason you mentioned, 30/30 is just wrong for any duel game.

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