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This is the official feedback thread for the new houses and furnishings. Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:

[*] What are your general thoughts on new houses?
[*] What do you think of the new furnishings?
[*] Do you have any other general feedback?
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We chatted with the dev team and they clarified that the chances of getting a perfect roe when filleting fish are the same regardless of which fillet method you use -- meaning you will have a chance for every fish you fillet, be it one or one-hundred at a time.


Good afternoon,

I am excited to be able to use provisioning stations to fillet fish! can we please get some insight as to how / if the meticulous disassembly passive affects our chances for gaining Perfect Roe.

There has been speculation as to whether there is a loot timer (i dont believe there is) and also how our RNG loot table is calculated.

In general, it would be nice to have clarity on how our loot tables are calculated, be it when we log onto our character, when we zone into an instance or when we simply open the crafting UI.


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