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Not entirely sure how I managed to do this, but I broke mist form lol


Essentially what happens is that the telegraph appears but I do not get transported to the spot. What also seems to happen is that it disables the ability to jump as well. I can't really showcase that so if you see me standing still in the video that is me trying to press the space bar to jump!!!

Will update post when and if I figure out how this happens so Zenimax can work on a fix!

Also before I troll anyone quick disclaimer, that is my discord messages in the background lol
about 2 months ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link
Thanks everyone, just confirming we've passed this information along to the team for them to investigate.
about 2 months ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link
Just to follow up, we identified what was causing this issue and it will be fixed in a future PTS patch. Thanks again, everyone!