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Not sure if this triggered it but what happened:
I was leveling Bastian. He was in his standard, white gear except blue lightning staff I found. I got invited to do random normal that I accepted. We did the dungeon (it was Fang Lair), then one person left. My Bastian automatically appeared, but he was naked, I checked companion menu and all the gear is gone, I dont have it anywhere in my inventory.
The group join was in Craglorn if that matters

So i guess, despawn your companions before queing.
Hi @robpr we're investigating this. Did you experience a disconnect at any point during the situation you described? If you relog, does Bastian's starting gear re-appear?

No disconnects, relogging or swapping to Mirri didnt fix. Gear was permanently gone.

Thank you. Was it Bastian or Mirri? Or did you encounter this issue with both?
Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you know that the issue where Companions would sometimes lose their equipped gear is being fixed during a hotfix with downtime tomorrow morning (June 4.) Thank you again for reporting this and providing such helpful details.

You can see the full hotfix message for tomorrow here.

Thank the Divines...I had to stop playing since the Update....Bought white gear from NPC 5 times...

Sorry, @RizzlyBear :( It has been frustrating, for sure.


Will this also be fixed for console before it gets released next week?

Yes, we were able to get the fix into the build for console launch.
Hi all,

The hotfix we ran this morning should have stopped new cases of equipped Companion gear loss (and a related specific exploit.) Unfortunately, the fix was not to replace previously lost gear. If you encounter a new situation where your Companion loses their equipped gear, after this morning's hotfix, please let us know with as many details as can.

Thank you, everyone. We know this one has been frustrating and we appreciate the information everyone has provided.

I was switching zones, travelled from reapers march to blackwood and then the gears as gone. Might have to do with switching instances.

Thanks @Wolfkeks and sorry to hear you're still encountering this. We are still investigating what seems like an edge case.

For those asking about the block bug in this thread, we just got verification this morning that a fix for it will be going into the next incremental patch.


Oh good. When is that?

The next PC/Mac and Stadia incremental is currently on the schedule for June 14 (next Monday.)

Links in this thread

PC/Mac Hotfixes & Maintenance - June 4 @ 4am EDT
Hi everyone, Tomorrow, June 4 beginning at 4am EDT/9am BST, we are applying two hotfixes on the PC/Mac NA and EU megaservers.