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Can we please get some acknowledgement that the issues being reported about skill ranges are being looked into and addressed? It's having a huge effect on pvp and I've heard it's having a impact in pve as well. I'll admit I'm more than a bit miffed to be seeing that the companion gear issue is rapidly getting acknowledged and a fix when some of the base game systems aren't even working correctly.

Hey @neferpitou73, thanks for bumping this one. We can confirm that we do have a bug in for the issue you're describing and the Combat team is investigating it.

Please don't forget that this also affects the dragonknight elder dragon passive! Mag DK feels painful to play without the extra 2 meters melee range in PvP...

Yep! Turns out we had two bugs in our system with slightly different descriptions that were effectively the same core issue. The fix will be in the PC/Mac and Stadia incremental patch on June 14 (next Monday.)