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This is the official feedback thread for Endless Archive. Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:

[*] What level were you when you went through Endless Archive?
[*] Did you play solo, with a companion or with another player?
[*] What Stage, Cycle, and Arc did you reach?
[*] Which bosses were the toughest? [list]
[*] Which Cycle and Arc did you fight the boss on?[/list]
[*] Which Verses did you find the most and least effective?
[*] Which Visions did you find the most and least effective?
[*] Did you use any Portals to the Unknown? [list]
[*] Which side content did you do?
[*] Did you feel adequately rewarded? [/list]
[*] Did you use any Verse Scrolls? [list]
[*] If so, how effective were they?
[*] Would you use them again?[/list]
[*] Did you have fun?
[*] Do you have any other general feedback?
2 months ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link
Posted this in another thread but just so you all are aware as well, we are planning to make some adjustments to the difficulty curve in next week's PTS patch. Thanks for all the feedback so far and keep it coming!