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it's very jarring. i feel like i'm in the deadlands. kind of disappointing
Hello! Could you two clarify if there is actually Deadlands music playing in Apocrypha (which would be a bug), or if this is feedback about the music sounding too similar to the Deadlands music?
Hi all! We've investigated this and confirmed what you're reporting. We've got a bug in for it. Thank you!
2 months ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hi All, just checked in with the team. This will be fixed in the incremental after next. So not this Wednesday's incremental. Rather the incremental coming toward the end of July.
2 months ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hi all, after checking with the team, the fix for this issue will roll out with U39. The team wanted it to come is yesterday's incremental patch, but needed extra time. The fix in confirmed for U39.

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