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Hello everyone!

A few months back, we posted that we were looking for volunteers to join the Class Rep Program. We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest, receiving hundreds of applications from so many passionate players. The decision on who to choose was difficult given the amount of qualified players, but today, we’re excited to announce the newest ESO Class Representatives:
[*] CAB_Life (console player!)
[*] cicisch
[*] Glorious
[*] NefasQS
[*] RebornZombie
These players will be joining the existing Class Reps, which include:
[*] Alcast
[*] FearTurbo
[*] GandTheImpaler
[*] Masel
[*] Quantum

While some of the Class Reps may specialize in certain classes or prefer some game styles over others, our goal was to make sure the program has a mixture of both PvP and PvE players with everyone having extensive experience in many different classes.

As a general reminder, the goal of this program is to ensure your voice is being heard, and concerns are being relayed and discussed directly with the Dev Team. While the last couple updates have largely focused on the ongoing ability audits, we’ll be moving back to having regular calls with the Class Reps and posting public meeting notes very soon.

Thanks for everyone’s support, and please join us in welcoming the new faces!

about 2 months ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link

We've had very little news about this for a long while now. Is this even active? Pretty sure it is just a "walking-dead" initiative that doesn't get really used anymore.

The group is still active and we talk with them regularly through Discord. The Class Reps will frequently relay concerns from the community, in addition to their own feedback, and have been an invaluable resource. We do typically have calls with the group before a PTS update to run through some of the larger combat changes planned and allow time for feedback and questions; these meeting notes aren't published due to the fact we're discussing future game content, and aren't quite ready to discuss them wider yet. That said, much of what gets posted in the Combat Previews each quarter is based around what we've already discussed with the Class Reps during our calls.