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I have a bug in "The ascendant storm" : after i killed the boss (Ascendant Magus), the objective change and i have to speak with an NPC.
But when i go throught the door, the objective change and is again "kill the ascendant magus". The boss respawn, but without the mobs and is impossible to fight, and all 3 NPCs (Ayrenn, Emric and Irnskar) are at the same place they were after the battle.

I tried to cancel the quest and restart it, but when i am back to the All Flags Islet the objective is still "kill the ascendant magus" (i haven't the previous objectives)

English is not my mother language so i hope you will understand !
19 days ago - ZOS_Finn - Direct link
Hey folks, we took a look and think we located the issue and are working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Once it is fixed you should be able to progress the quest naturally.

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