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Hey all! I along with 4 other ESO players won the Twitch live stream giveaway event back in January for the Blackwood Gates of Oblivion launch event. Felt pretty incredible considering how many people were on to watch and the odds of being selected. Slowly but surely we were contacted by someone from the Community Management Team @ ZOS to get our shipping address, shirt sizes, etc. They told us everything would likely be shipped out in June/July which I thought was really odd that it would take 5-6 months to send, but it was free so who cares, right? We received a couple of emails apologizing for the delays all the way through September.

Since then...crickets. I've personally reached out multiple times to inquire and no response. I have even asked in the live streams of other giveaways on Twitch where I was told they contacted the Community team to let them know but again, nothing. Seriously, it's been 11 months. I don't get it.

I'm hoping by posting this here, followed by Twitter, Reddit, etc. we'll actually get a response where it's taken care of. Wish me luck!

about 2 months ago - ZOS_JessicaFolsom - Direct link
Hi @Iamtall (and the rest of the winners from our Global Reveal event),

Firstly, we apologize for the many delays with getting all the items in your winning prize packs out to you. We understand your frustration and disappointment. On our end, we did encounter some significant shipping delays with some of the items, and that ultimately held up our shipment to you. We're taking this learning into consideration for future prize packs.

We're reaching out to each of you this week, and again next week once we've shipped out the remaining items we owe each of you (with a tracking number). You will receive all the items we promised.

Again, we're sincerely sorry for the long delays.