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So, knowing that console patches - at least for PS4 - have to go through a certification process before they're approved and put up. Not knowing how far in advance that happens and/or if changes can get slipped in during the process if needed...

Of these known issues that broke things on PC (https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/551180/ ), the ones that say they have already been fixed with hot fixes... are those hot fixes already in today's console update we're currently downloading? Or will we be waiting for additional patching to fix those besides whenever we would get the update PC has scheduled for Nov. 16th?

Asking so I know whether it will be safe to quest or not in the new zone without endlessly falling through a floor and needing support to retrieve my character, is largely my main concern. I've already resigned myself to knowing my werewolf main will be broken until some later date. :/
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We were able to get some of the hotfixes from PC included in today's console update, but some (including the Light Attack weaving issue) will be present. We have a list of known issues included in the patch notes, which will be published soon.
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I would assume they would be, but I would go in with a moderate amount of trepidation when questing.

Also it's not just werewolves from before the patch, they also affect fresh ones too according to what I was seeing in zone the last few days. Soul Trap and Crit Surge are also affected, so be wary of those as well.

Good luck. I hate that I have to say it, just because I know you guys are going to need it.

What's this about soul trap and (especially)crit surge? And is there anything I need to be wary of to prevent it?

The skills revert back to their base-morphs. If you haven't morphed them, there's also a chance that they can become reverted back to their base morph. So pretty much just avoid morphing/remorphing those skills, or avoiding them entirely, until the next patch comes in.

This shouldn't be an issue with today's console patch.

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