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I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to the ps5 or all consoles but the map is too bright now to the point it’s hard to make things out. This scry for instance took way to long to see what side of the map it even was on. For a long time the map was hampered by less zoom level than last gen but this is more troubling.

*Seems like there’s a new setting or they decided to mess with an existing one, hdr ui brightness. I don’t mess with the video options much so it was a surprise things were off kilter but knocking it all the way down brings it in line with how things looked before the update.
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Thanks for this, @RNGeeze, we'll pass this on. If anyone else on PS5 is having this issue, please chime in the thread with a screenshot. Just want to make sure if this is impacting more PS5 units or an isolated occurrence.