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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.2.0 and the Markarth DLC Game Pack, featuring the epic conclusion of the Dark Heart of Skyrim! Markarth introduces not only the new zone of The Reach, but also adds two world bosses, two delves, and an exciting solo Arena that is sure to challenge you. We’ve also added several new collectibles, item sets, achievements, and titles for you to acquire, in addition to new Antiquities that can only be dug up in The Reach.

We’re excited to introduce Item Set Collections to the base game, a new system to help you find and manage all your item sets, along with increasing the cap for Transmute Crystals! We’re also re-adding group queues back to Battlegrounds, and have many bug fixes for the entire game.

We’ve copied all PC/Mac North American characters, and have also supplied two character templates to explore The Reach and new Arena. We hope you enjoy this latest update, which is approximately 10.67GB, and can’t wait to read your feedback!

[*] New Features / Updates / Big Changes[list]
[*] Markarth DLC[list]
[*] New Zone - The Reach
[*] New Solo Arena – Vateshran Hollows
[*] New Item Sets
[*] New Antiquities
[*] New Collectibles and Outfit Styles
[*] New Motifs
[*] New Achievements, Titles & Dyes
[*] New Furnishings[/list]
[*] Base Game[list]
[*] Item Set Collection
[*] Transmute Crystal Update
[*] Battlegrounds Updates
[*] New Craftable Consumable: Alliance War Skill Boosters
[*] New PvP Emote
[*] New Homes
[*] Character Pathing “Align to Terrain” Option
[*] Client Optimization & Stability[/list][/list]
[*] Template Information
[*] Known Issues
[*] Fixes & Improvements[list]
[*] DLCs & Chapters[list]
[*] Dragonhold
[*] Greymoor
[*] Harrowstorm
[*] Morrowind
[*] Stonethorn
[*] Summerset[/list]
[*] Combat & Gameplay[list]
[*] Combat & Abilities
[*] Itemization & Item Sets[/list]
[*] Base Game[list]
[*] Art & Animation
[*] Crafting & Economy
[*] Crown Store & Crown Crates
[*] Dungeons & Group Content
[*] Events & Celebrations
[*] Exploration & Itemization
[*] Housing
[*] Miscellaneous
[*] Quests & Zones
[*] UI

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