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Block sometimes won't work in an instance at all... When I logged in for the first time after this patch I couldn't block. I could bash but not block. After changing the area/instance it helped. Now, that might seem as an okay solution but I sometimes you can't leave/enter an instance. I just did a battleground where I could not block.
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Thanks for sending this over! Could you try enabling the in-game Scrolling Combat Text to confirm if you are seeing any blocked damage or not? Just trying to eliminate the possibility of this being an animation issue.
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@ZOS_GinaBruno any news on a hot fix??

We're still trying to pinpoint what exactly is going on. Given this is supposedly only happening in certain instances and there's no known way to reproduce it, it's been tricky to figure out. We've been investigating all morning though and will continue to do so. In the meantime, if anyone is in-game on PC and runs into this issue, please stay put and let us know.
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Hi everyone,

While we can confirm we have fixed the original issue with block, we identified the cause of this new blocking issue that went live with yesterday’s incremental patch. This issue most commonly occurs when attempting to swap weapons while weapons are being drawn or sheathed, preventing you from blocking again until zoning or relogging.

We are working on a fix now and want to take some time to thoroughly test over the next couple days to ensure things are stable; unfortunately, the fix for this issue does require another new client build and is not something we are able to hotfix. It will also be present after the console incremental patch on Wednesday.

We understand how frustrating this is for everyone, including us. We’ll let you know as soon as possible when to expect the fix but expect it to be on or around December 19.
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@React We are aware of the issue and investigating. Trying to get a bit more info before following up.
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We want to apologize because the patch note for today’s block fix wasn’t as clear as it should’ve been. While we did roll back code to make it so block is in a state from before Update 36 launched, we missed a known issue that should have been included in the patch notes.

As some of you have noted, your character can get into a temporary bad state by performing any action that cancels sheathe or wield animations; weapon swapping should resolve the issue. If you cancel the sheathe/wield animation multiple times, you will need to bar swap the same number of times to fix the issue. While we do know that this issue pre-dates Update 36, we are investigating whether any changes in Update 36 resulted in how frequently it can occur.

For next steps, this issue requires further investigation then we will have internal discussions about the plan. We’ll follow back up with everyone as soon as we have more information to share. Again, apologies for missing this critical piece of information in the patch notes for today’s fix.

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