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I was playing ESO this morning, approximately 15 minutes before the server timeout. I switched tunes and the game froze. I quit the game and signed out of my Xbox live account. having this issue every single day it is the only way I am able to sign back in. I signed back into Xbox live and go to play the game. The screen right before character select, it was asking me to verify my username and password, which I did. Once I did that and highlighted login, it said that I needed to link accounts. It looked like the account was from my Xbox console. If I could leave a picture I would give you the screen that I was looking at but I'm unable to. Has anybody ever had to do this before?
15 days ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link
Apologies for the confusion, all. There was an error on our end while in maintenance but should be remedied now, and you may find you have been disconnected. We are still in maintenance and your accounts/characters should be good to go once we open.