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According to the patch notes there are 4 new book furnishings in South Elsweyr and 4 in Summerset.

UESP lists all the names of the books and states that they all come from the same source.
Was anyone able to get the books in SE that are NOT "Khunzar-ri and the Lost Alfiq" or "The Favored Daughter of Fadomai"? I got 27 of the former and 17 of the latter (the drop rate is that good), but none of the other two.
In Summerset I stuck on 3 books and cannot seem to get "Artaeum Lost".

Any luck for you?
Hi @ESO_player123! We checked on this, and everything looks to be set up correctly on the back-end. We're still doing a bit more investigation just in case to ensure it's dropping, though. The team wanted to note that you do need to have read the book in order to find it in a chest. Do you know if you've done that?

They're talking about reading the book in the wild, which is a pre-requisite for obtaining these furnishings apparently.

Like last week in the Endless Archive, there was a book called "Lord Hollowjack's Dream Realm" which I had to find on a bookshelf in Murkmire before I could buy it from the vendor. These books aren't "lorebooks", they're part of the Eidetic Memory archive you unlock by completing the Mages' guild questline to see which books you have and have not read.

Thanks for the helpful post, @EdjeSwift! It's as you say. :)