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While I did not see anything in the patch notes that references this, I want to tell you how excited I was to see that the HDR issues seem to be fixed. The game is much brighter in default mode (perhaps too bright at default). And, there are multiple new HDR adjustments. This is such a huge improvement! Before I had to use vivid which I dislike just to be able to see anything at night or in delves.

I feel like I am playing a new game!

Thanks for addressing this. Now that HDR works really well, please add it for PC users too. :-)
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We accidentally forgot to include this in the patch notes initially (guilty...) but just added a write up to explain what we added and improved for HDR! For visibility, here is what was added to the patch notes just now:

HDR Improvements
We had previously made improvements to our console HDR implementation by adding a new hue-preserving mode (Default), but it lacked proper settings for configuring it to fit your viewing environment and display and the “HDR Brightness” slider never functioned properly. In Update 34, we’ve addressed this by adding several new configuration settings:
[*] HDR Scene Brightness
[*] HDR Scene Contrast
[*] HDR UI Brightness
[*] HDR UI Contrast
These allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast levels of the game and UI independently, and to what best fits your environment.

Additionally, we have refactored and fixed the old brightness slider and named it “HDR Peak Brightness.” This defaults to 500 nits but can be adjusted up or down to fit your display and preferences.