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Put your number how many times a day you crash to desktop

Myself I have had 4 for today
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Hey all, thanks for these reports. We are looking into this. If you play on PC and crashed without the send report option popping up, it would be helpful for us to get more information from you so we can investigate further. If you happen to remember where you were on the map (or in the dungeon, trial, etc.) or what you were doing please let us know.
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@ZOS_SarahHecker How can console submit reports to help? We are on a consistent crash in trials as well. We will all gladly provide any information to get this fixed ASAP

Normally we get crash data from consoles automatically, but if there is something that is always causing you to crash (such as a specific boss or mechanic) feel free to post here or do a bug report so we can look into it further.
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Thank you for the information everyone. Just wanted to confirm that we are continuing to work on fixes for these issues.
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Hey all, we just posted an update here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/554727/update-on-next-incremental-patch

We are currently targeting December 7 for the next PC patch and December 9 for consoles. This will include a number of crash fixes.
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Just to clarify real quick: the maintenances tomorrow are server reboots and will not include any updates or patches. The next incremental patch will be in January, but we don't have the exact timing yet.
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Hey all, while we're still in the process of testing the next incremental patch, it will include several crash fixes and will be coming later this month. The maintenances this week are once again for server reboots and won't include a patch.

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Update on Next Incremental Patch
Hi everyone, We’d like to give you an update on our plans for the next incremental patch.