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Is this intended with the new crates? I pulled 3 motifs, all were instantly bound. I used to trade these in for the gems.

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Hi All. Thanks for the pings in this thread. Wanted to follow up on this issue. Currently 5 Ragebound Crate items not converting into gems. This is not intended. We have let our teams know and they are working on a fix for this. Only the following items are affected, and are not providing a gem breakdown value as intended:
[*] Legendary Reward: Crown Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar Style - 33 gem value
[*] Legendary Reward: Crown Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn Style - 33 gem value
[*] Legendary Reward: Orb of the Spirit Queen - 33 gem value
[*] Epic Reward: Reach Chandelier, Hagraven - 13 gem value
[*] Epic Reward: Rite of the Harrowforged - 13 gem value

As for right now, unopened crates will be fixed if you leave them unopened until after the fix is live. Once the fix is available, when you get duplicate of the above mentioned crate items, you'll get the intended gem conversion.

For those who have opened some Ragebound Crates already or still plan on doing so prior to the fix, please keep the items and do not destroy them. When the fix rolls out, you will get the correct gems in the future as long as you do not DESTROY the item.

Thanks again for letting us know and we are working on getting this issue resolved.
about 2 months ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link

When can we expect the fix?


The fix for this issue will be included in next week's incremental patches - Monday on PC and Wednesday for console.

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