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Hello everyone,

Four years ago, we spun up the Class Representative Program to help us focus on class feedback that mattered to the community and to make sure your voice was being heard. We looked to the community subject matter experts to make certain the main class concerns were being brought to light.

Over the past couple years, we’ve found our original needs have changed as the game and team have evolved; we have a very different Dev Team than we did when we first defined and launched this program. Outside of the individuals that currently make up the Combat Team, the way we collect and act on feedback has progressed and improved, and our goals for classes and combat have morphed (no pun intended) since ESO launched. This isn’t to say we no longer are interested in feedback on combat; rather, our goals for a program such as this one have changed.

As such, we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset the Class Rep Program in its current state. We will be taking a step back to reassess the purpose of the program and to ensure we are bringing the most value for the team and all of you. We also need to ensure we are utilizing and leveraging the vast knowledge and feedback from the community in the most efficient way possible, and in return, are more transparent in relaying information from the program out to everyone.

We want to thank the Class Reps for being part of this integral program and the years of dedication. They have brought so much invaluable feedback and insights over the years and having a knowledgeable group that we could trust has been vital to the growth and improvement of the game.

Thanks for reading and we’ll let everyone know when we have any plans to share.