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Hello everyone - today we have released 1.37.2, this patch brings 130+ fixes in total.

As usual, please report any issues in our bug report forum[forum.paradoxplaza.com] or submit a support ticket[support.paradoxplaza.com]; this is the fastest way for us to see and address any problems.

Keep in mind while these changes shouldn't affect 1.37.0/1.37.1 save games too profoundly, this is something we're not able to fully guarantee, especially if using mods. See here[forum.paradoxplaza.com] for information on how to roll back or prevent auto updates.

Patch 1.37.2 Changelog: [expand type=showmore]
# Interface

# Tooltips
- Added a missing unlocalized string for when the player enacts the Institutionalized Black Army government reform.
- Added a missing localized tooltip for unlocking State Madrasas and Karimi Stations' government reforms for the Mamluks and Egypt.
- New modifiers icons for cawa_cost_modfier, hussasrs_cost_modifier, territories_governing_cost.
# Script
# Achievements
- The achievement "Back to the Piast" now mentions Glogow and Opole instead of Silesia.
- The achievement "Kush*te Restoration" now mentions that you or your subjects can own Egypt and that they don't have to be core provinces.
- The achievement "Land of Eastern Jade" now properly mentions the Mexico region instead of just Central America.
- The "Truly Divine Ruler" achievement now mentions that the ruler can be higher than just a 5/5/5 to count.
- The achievement "One Night in Paris" now mentions that the Angevin Kingdom is allowed for the achievement.
- The achievement "There Khan only be one!" is no longer blocked by native countries reforming into hordes.

# Decisions
- Added a check for LotN when completing relevant missions upon forming Poland.
- The decision from "[Root.GetBurghersName] Financial Demand" will now show up even if you don't have any ports. However, you still need at least one port to enact it.
- The "Re-form the Golden Horde" decision is no longer blocked from having a subject holding the necessary provinces.

# Events
- The "Praxis Pietatis Melica" event can now trigger for Prussia too.
- The event "Disagreement over Company Purchases" can no longer give you a claim over a province you own yourself already.
- The event "Tribute from " will now show how much money you gain.
- The event "The " can no longer fire for junior partners.
- The event "Complaints about [Root.GetLowLevelOfficialForCountry]" will now have a 4 monthly income cost for Republics if they execute the official.
- The event "Hostility to New Production Techniques" now has a goto button.
- The event "Cabinet of Curiosities" now has a goto button.
- Switched the modifier names from the "National Bank" event.
- The Burgundian Inheritance is no longer locked into picking monarchies as the potential senior partner for Burgundy. In other words: if you happen to be a Signora with a lot of land and you marry Burgundy then you become eligible for the Succession, though you have only a 10th chance as a normal monarchy would have.
- The event "Emergent Culture in the Colonies" can now appear for Anglois countries too.
- The event "The Shadow Kingdom" now mentions that you lose 0.2 IA per development per Italian province which leaves the HRE if you do not have Emperor active.
- Updated the tooltip in "Strengthening Our Merchants" for the privilege in the event option so it no longer lies to the player.
- The event “Kreditwerk” will no longer fire multiple times.
- The event “Our Cause is Just” now fires for the Espionage ideas, not the Influence ideas.
- Fixed scoping issues within the event "The Fate of France". In other words, you get mana points, and France gets to destroy its monuments.
- The event republic_factions.101 no longer fires for republics with lottery elections.
- The “Crown of Rome”'s second option to release the Latin Empire will only appear if Thrace is directly owned by the player.
- The event "Intercolonial Disputes" no longer fires for Sunset Colonies.
- The event "Campaign into Thessaly" will now properly disable the "Rise of a Pretender" event.
- The event "Vengeance for Manzikert" now has a proper picture.
- The event "Election of a New Ruler" can no longer fire for Integrated PU subjects.
- The event "Disaster in Franconia" can no longer fire for Brandenburg if the player does not own the Domination DLC.
- "The Italian Military" now properly disables the "Cruelty of Mercenaries" event.

# Missions
- For Hungary's "Recover Dalmatia" mission, ships are now only granted if there's no naval construction ongoing. If there is, the player will earn an alternate reward.
- Updated the effect tooltip of the Dutch mission "Trade in the Ivory Coast".
- The Dutch mission "Ending the Sound Toll" now properly fires its event.
- The Dutch mission "University of Leiden" now highlights Den Haag.
- The Dutch mission "Fate of the Confederation" now properly applies its reward on all Land Right privileges.
- The Dutch mission "Lands of the Generality" no longer checks parliament size if you don't have one.
- The Dutch mission "Relations in Britain" no longer requires you to have a spy network in them if England/GB becomes a subject.
- The Dutch mission "Lands of the Generality" now properly applies its rewards even if you pick the "Superiority of the State" gov reform.
- The Austrian mission "Royal Hungary" will no longer instantly kill Ladislaus if he is still an heir.
- The Austrian mission "Defeat the French" now properly splits France even if they are in a PU with you.
- The Austrian mission "Emperors of the East" now only gives IA when you are the Emperor.
- The Hisn Kayfa mission "Fate of Anatolia" now grants its rewards properly when completed.
- The Oman mission "Fall of Baghdad" now properly requires the areas that are highlighted by the mission.
- Updated tooltips of Trebizond's missions to emphasize that provinces with their PORT in the Black Sea are counted.
- Fixed the Timurid's mission tree branch name display.
- The Timurid mission "Ambition in Yuan" now gives proper cores for all the subjects released in the event.
- The Mughal mission "Din-i Ilahi" does now properly prevent the Sinner personality from appearing.
- The Inca mission "Rule of the Sun" now has a fallback in case the player has already unlocked all reforms before forming the Inca.
- The Venice mission wof_ven_destroy_austria now accounts for Austria-Hungary.
- Fixed the “Lost Legions” from the Italian mission "Return His Legions" so that they no longer cost the Army Professionalism.
- The Theodoro mission "Aegean Supremacy" now properly checks that you own Nasso.
- The Theodorian mission "A Russian Aristocracy" no longer mentions "saving a country as russian_ally".
- The mission "Tumu Crisis" has now its requirements in an OR section if you are not Oirat.
- The mission "Tumu Crisis" now properly highlights Beijing.
- The Tatar's mission "Bowed Heads; Bent Knees" now always gives rewards no matter the way you complete it.
- The mission yua_printing_press now correctly grants progress for the institution when that spawns.
- Khiva now has access to the Moghulistan missions.
- Ferghana now has access to the Moghulistan missions.
- Khalkha now has Mongol missions.
- Khoshuud now has access to all the Mongol missions.
- Kalmyk now has access to all the Tatar missions.
- Reforming the Golden Horde now gives the Horde missions properly.
- Completing the Persian mission "Expand Our Influence" will now properly show the new cap for the reduction of Persian Influence cost in the government abilities.
- The Georgian mission "Patriarchate of All Georgia" now grants proper rewards even if you don't have Third Rome active.
- The “Apostolic Church” idea is now gaining its upgrade from the Armenian mission tree properly.
- The DLC-locked rewards of the Armenian mission "Proclaim Great Armenia" are no longer mentioned if the needed DLCs are inactive.
- The Byzantine mission "Return to Gold" now takes into account whether Trebizond has gold as its raw good.
- The Ming mission "Survey the Ocean Shores" will now mention that the power projection is permanent.
- The Reform Civil Registration mission of the EoC now correctly grants its alternative reward if the Rights of Man DLC is not active.

# Modifiers
- Removed duplicate instances of the ITA_extra_goods_produced_for_colonies modifier.
- The modifier hsn_a_sublime_alliance from the "A Sublime Alliance" mission no longer disappears after breaking an alliance.
- The “Marine Exercises” modifier reward for Venice is now properly permanent.

# Setup
- Orochoni is now eligible to use the mercenary company "Mongol Banner".
- The Aztecs no longer start with the Triple Alliance privilege if you do not have Winds of Change.

# Other
- The privilege "Outwards Perfection" now reduces max absolutism.
- “Scuola Grande” local organizations are now available after you change your tag as Venice.
- Hindu rebels now properly give influence to the Brahmins when they enforce their demands.
- Forming Silesia will no longer mention that you obtain any new missions as there are no missions for Silesia.
- The Burghers Agenda "Discover " will no longer be given if you don't have any permanent source for new explorers/conquistadors.
- The Hungarian/German Revolution can now fire even if Hungary/Austria is a subject nation. However, once Austria-Hungary is formed, the subjected nation automatically joins AH and the former overlord can fight a DEFENSIVE war against AH.
- The "Strengthen the Dhimmi" government reform will ensure the Dhimmi estate's existence and prevent the Brahmins from appearing.
- Incorporated Vassals / PU now count for Strong Duchies and Integration Policy privileges.
- Fixed the alert text for recruiting foreign generals.
- Added missing localization explaining that you cannot DoW your own Mongol Brother Realm. There won't be family conflicts under the Mongol roof.
- Updated the "has center of trade" trigger so it no longer implies that a province can have more than CoTs with different levels.
- Added a missing localization which explains to you that you cannot declare wars on your own Commercial Enterprise subjects.
- Fixed an issue with the Porcelain Agenda perpetually increasing its requirements.
- The estate privilege "High Altitude Adaptation" now applies its maluses on provinces you gain after having the privilege enacted already.
- The Rajput Military Leadership reform is no longer available if you don't have Dharma active.
- Sunset Colonies now count towards the "Create a Colonial Empire" Age Objective.
- The government mechanic button "Strengthen Overseas Outposts" now has a 10-year cooldown.
- The Stadhouder Monarchy reform is now removed when you become a PU subject.
- It is no longer possible to replace governors of Sunset Colonies.
- It is now possible to seize territories from Sunset Colonies.
- Forming Austria-Hungary will now give dip points if there is no slot free for Hungarian / Austrian to accept.
- The "Arabian Plutocracy" gov reform now unlocks the Plutocratic Idea Group.
- Forming Egypt as Hisn Kayfa will now properly fire the "New Traditions and Ambitions" event.
- The Potosi mine will correctly check the conditional reward of the Chinese Emperor's single whip law.
- The "Empower Religious Propagation" government mechanic is now properly applied.
- Fixed minor typo for Russian Mercenary Guard gov reform.
- The VOC will now automatically adopt the technology group of its overlord.
- removed the "has_unlocked_government_reform_tooltip" scripted trigger, the base has_unlcoked_government_reform trigger now supports the custom tooltip baseline.
- The Dutch Republic government reforms now count for events that are supposed to trigger for countries capable of forming Personal Unions (in other words: missions/events that grant PU CBS are now eligible for the Netherlands too).
- Fixed an unlocalized string when enacting the Wagenburg Tactics government reform.
- Fixed an unlocalized string when enacting the Bohemian Elective Monarchy government reform.
- Fixed an unlocalized string when enacting the Imperial Hungarian Monarchy government reform.
- Fixed unlocalized string when enacting the Crusader Nobility reform.
- Fixed an unlocalized string when enacting any of the Germany specific government reforms.
- Fixed an unlocalized string when enacting the Bergordnung Reform.

- Theodoro retains its unit sprites after switching cultures from Gothic (Byzantine) to Gothic (Germanic).
- Weapon for Umbrian Tier 1 infantry/artillery is held with both hands
- Mercenary Company "Gascon Musket Company "based in Armagnac (175 ) uses Southern French unit sprites instead of the French sprites
- Uzbek unit models from the Great Horde Unit Pack are useful for all the Altaic cultures instead of being replaced by Timurid units from the Great Horde Unit Pack.
- After completing geo_throne_of_the_romans, Georga start using the Byzantine sprite
- Yi and Miao use now the Dali Unit Sprites.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed an issue with Eunuch rebels not spawning.
- Fixed an issue with duplicate effect after centralizing a state while having the French Absolutist Monarchy.
- Fixed an issue with the has_any_ongoing_construction trigger.
- Fixed AI taking defender of faith regardless of the scripted Ai weights.

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