19 Sep

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s Developer Diary where we will be discussing new content for the Mamluks! As a preface, there is merit in addressing the design approach I chose to pursue for this country. Domination and its huge amounts of content served as a great platform to gauge what the people wanted, what they liked and disliked. This helped shape the content for 1.36 moving forward, as the entire team takes feedback very seriously and our ears are keenly tuned to the forums and various platforms for it.

How does this affect the content of the Mamluks? For starters, the entirety of the Mamluk tree hosts only 2 new country_modifiers, one temporary and one permanent (more on that later). The idea behind this shift is to give more room to mechanic-related bonuses over pure modifier stacking. So, missions for the Mamluks have been designed from the ground up as a way of investing more effort into slower and natural growth for the country. Moreover, the tree was conceive... Read more

12 Sep

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Originally posted by Rialm:
Originally posted by Marquoz: Nope. They've talked about doing something for South America. After that, who knows.
It's going to be interesting to see how they are capable of making that sector interesting.

Luckily I would love to play as Mamluk, I will check it out when it's released.

You'll be able to see what we having cooking for Mamluks in next weeks Dev Diary :D
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Originally posted by High Society: didnt know this was comming, on the surface seems like a smaller one but I love to seem more flavour in this region.

For sure smaller than something like Domination, this is a region based immersion pack, similar to our previous immersion packs such as Lions of the North. This time focusing on the middle east :steamthumbsup:
Hello everyone, and welcome back to EUIV Dev Diaries! It’s been a while since the last one, but we come with renewed enthusiasm and energy, especially after having celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the game. It’s been great to notice how big and strong the community is after a decade, and we’re very glad about the reception of the different activities that the CM Team has been deploying in the last month. Kudos to them, as well!

During the summer we’ve also been busy planning, designing, and implementing new content for the game. We still have a bunch of ideas even after the massive amount of content that was added in EUIV: Domination, and we think that we can keep improving the game, even after its longevity. Our objective for the next update will be to further raise the quality of the game while finishing fixing and balancing the post-release issues from 1.35.

In that regard, the topic of the next DLC will be new regional content. And the region that will re... Read more

25 Aug


Grab some snacks 🍿
Our Anbennar Spotlight has turned into an Anbennar Marathon.

Part 2 (And 2.5) of our multi-part spotlight on Anbennar is out now! Featuring a look into the upcoming Sarhal update, join us as we continue our Anbennar world tour. (Once again way too long for steam 👀)

Read our Anbennar Spotlight Part 2 here![pdxint.at]
And check out the moditself on the workshop here:
... Read more

17 Aug


Hello EU4 community, and welcome to the first Anbennar Mod Spotlight!
Today, JayBean, the creator of Anbennar and Lead Writer Karlov will be introducing you to the Anbennar EU4 mod and the Anbennar setting as a whole as part of EU4’s 10th birthday celebration in this first of a two-part series.

We'll let JayBean and Karlov take it away:

Anbennar is a fantasy total conversion mod set in an original setting inspired by D&D settings like Forgotten Realms as well as settings like Dragon Age and The Witcher. But first, let’s begin with a question:

Have you ever wanted to see how a fantasy world evolves PAST the medieval era?
How wizards react to the advent of gunpowder?
Or what if colonial exploration actually unearthed relics of immense magical power?

Anbennar is all about exploring those themes and ... Read more

15 Aug

Hello everyone! Today we have some very exciting news for you. If you have been waiting for EUIV to finally have its own Official Discord server. Your day has come!

As part of our August Anniversary celebrations, we are launching the official Europa Universalis Discord server.[discord.gg] If you are interested in sharing your game moments, interacting with the EUIV team, and generally hanging out with our awesome community in a Discord setting we invite you to join! If this sounds appealing to you and you do not have a Discord Account it's fairly easy to make. Discord should do a good job at giving you instructions by simply clicking the link but you can also find more information on account cr... Read more

13 Aug

Today, August 13th of 2023, Marks the 10th Anniversary day of Europa Universalis IV. To look back on how we got here, we invite you to join long time GSG Developer and Studio Manager of Paradox Tinto Johan Andersson as he reflects on the last 10 years.

Please enjoy this retrospective from him below:
Today it is 10 years ago since we released EU4, back on August 13th of 2023. I guess it's a sign that you are getting old that you can write posts like this.

Back in the early autumn of 2011, PDS was much smaller, I was still the studio manager, and we had 1 full team led by Henrik ‘Doomdark’ Fåhraeus working on CK2, while a smaller team with Dan ‘podcat’ Lind and 2 other people was doing expansions for HoI3 and V2. Paradox France, which was a small subsidiary with 2 employees, was working on “March of the Eagles” with support from Olof ‘Birken’ Björk.

I remember this as a time when we had lots of experience, with some of us doing these games for a ... Read more

10 Aug

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A full engine update is exceedingly unlikely for EUIV. Such a process would essentially require porting and remaking soooo many things. That being said minor optimizations here and there are always ongoing at least.
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Originally posted by Preacher:
Originally posted by Rooter: Who says "Devs dont read this forum"?
That's just a moderator, and he is relatively new after years of languishing in silence.

As for EGS vs Steam, they are the same. Steam "licenses" games to you, you don't own them. And Steam is almost as much bloatware as EGS these days. So overall, just take the w with the free game. Oh I'm sorry, free LICENSE.

Actually I am on the Community team! So, yesn't. Basicall... Read more

09 Aug

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Originally posted by Medicles: They did mention after Leviathan, that they wanted to focus the next immersion packs on Scandinavia, Middle-East and South America. We got Scandinavia. We didnt get Middle-East, though i guess it happened because of the extreme mission trees that Lion of the North introduced and they wanted to bring major nations on par with first, So the next should either be Middle-East or South America.

Next we will see Mamluks and Persia get some love, I'll leave everyone to speculate who else might be lumped in with them ;p

08 Aug

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Keep in mind crossplay works as well :steamthumbsup:

So if a friend or anyone would like to try EU4 you can share all DLC with them whenever you play together, so long as the host has DLC. Steam subscription counts too.

21 Jul

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Folks this isn't the appropriate place to talk about modern and sensitive real world topics. Beyond the deleted posts, if further discussion continues we'll be locking this thread.

Apologies for the inconvenience everyone else.

14 Jul

Hey all! Today's Mod Spotlight features pretty art and pretty numbers.

Ages Reformed adds a plethora of well-thought-out age objectives and abilities. And, it conveniently plays nice with other popular mods too! we're excited to have MDoulos share it with you.
Hello Everyone,

I am MDoulos, the creator of Ages Reformed, a mod that completely overhauls and improves the age mechanic that was introduced in Mandate of Heaven. Welcome to the mod spotlight for the mod that adds several small but very meaningful mechanics to the ages feature. If you aren't already using Ages Reformed, I appreciate that you're giving me the opportunity to convince you to try. :)

In this mod spotlight, I’d like to talk about the important features which help improve your gameplay experience. I’ll also briefly mention some of the unimportant features which were created with love, just because they’re cool. So let’s go!

... Read more

11 Jul

Greetings, and welcome everyone to the last Dev Diary of the Domination cycle! We’ve been active in the forums and receiving your feedback about this expansion and the 1.35 ‘Ottomans’ update for almost 7 months, and now it is time to retire for a well-deserved Summer break. But before we do that, let’s have a retrospective of the past months.

First is first, on June 20th we released the 1.35.4[forum.paradoxplaza.com] patch, and on June 27th and July 4th the 1.35.5[forum.paradoxplaza.com] and ... Read more

05 Jul

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Originally posted by holon99: It seems this bug was not corrected by the recent patch. When will it be ?

Have you tried on a new save on version 1.35.5 or later? There might be some issues with the patch retroactively fixing old saves but anything from 1.35.5 onward should be working as intended.

If things are not working properly do please report on our bug report forum [pdxint.at] with as much detail as possible so we can have a look :) Thanks, appreciate your time and patience.

04 Jul

Greetings everyone! And to anyone in the United States celebrating we wish you a happy 4th of July! (Shoutout to Canada day as well) For this USA themed spotlight we will be joined by the well-known Chewy/Chewyshoot who in addition to his content creation, has also dabbled in modding. With no further ado, we'll let Chewy take it away!

Hey y’all, Chewy here. Today I am happy to share my labor of love for the modding community, Land of the Free, a mod that completely overhauls the USA. Ryagi was kind enough to reach out and ask me to tell you a bit about my beloved mod on the Independence Day of my beloved country! So, to all my fellow Americans, happy 4th!

The mod adds a massive amount of content in North America, and a bit to England. The “new world” content includes (but is not limited to):

⦁ The USA with brand new national ideas, government reform, and unique mission tree including content up to and following a Civil War disaster.
⦁ ... Read more

26 Jun

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Hi there! This sounds like a technical error, sorry to hear about it, sounds rather annoying.

I would suggest posting about it in our Tech support forums [forum.paradoxplaza.com] where you may find a potential solution.

23 Jun

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Happy to hear you are trying out the game :)

We have a PDX Discord [discord.gg] if you're looking for a more interactive way to learn the game and have other players help you.

We also have a player resources hub [forum.paradoxplaza.com] that I can recommend. Some of the guides there might be of interest to you, but I can't say all of them don't fall into the trap you describe haha.

Discussion threads like these are also a valid way to learn about the game. Either way hope you have fun with that learning process.

21 Jun

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Hope you enjoy the game!

It can be a bit intimidating at first but asking your questions here, or the PDX Discord [discord.gg] is welcome.

We also have a player resources hub [forum.paradoxplaza.com] that I can recommend.

Remember to have fun in the learning process :) Many players have hundreds or thousands of hours and still learn new things.

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