19 Jul

Hey all! Ryagi here, this time we're back to our roots with these Mod spotlights, giving a platform for those don't already have one. Today we're covering The Rise and Fall of Empires. A simple but effective mod made by Dante that aims to create a less blobby playstyle, for both players and the AI.

I'll let Dante explain what what his mod is all about, enjoy!


Greetings, Emperors, Consuls, and Caliphs!

I’m Dante, and today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to The Rise and Fall of Empires. This overhaul shifts the focus from mindlessly blobbing to stra... Read more

18 Jul

Map painters! We suspect you love all strategy games big and small, whether that's conquering the world, or managing a small group of survivors. That's why this year Europa Universalis 4 is taking part in Tacticon! TactiCon is a digital convention hosted on Steam celebrating strategy video games, and those that enjoy them.

If you are interested in picking up EU4, or any EU4 content now is a great opportunity, with savings as much as 70% off
... Read more

28 Jun

Good evening, good morning and good afternoon. Whatever timezone you're in, it's time for another Mod Spotlight! For this mod spotlight, we look to conclude our series showing off post 1.37 Major updates. With future mod spotlights going back to covering some of the more (hopefully) unknown diamonds in the rough. For now though, lets dive straight into a look at the upcoming Ante Bellum content, Blood and Iron. Presented by Lead Dev Parmelion.


Hello everyone! My name is Parmelion and I am the lead developer of Ante Bellum. Today, I would like to present to you the upcoming ninth major update of the mod, titled ‘Blood and Iron’, which is releasing in less than two week - on July 8!

For those of you who are not familiar with the mod, Ante Bellum is a vanilla+ alternative history mod. The main design philosophy of the mod is to completely preserve the base game gameplay and add no new invasive mechanic... Read more

13 Jun

Hello everyone - today we have released 1.37.2, this patch brings 130+ fixes in total.

As usual, please report any issues in our bug report forum[forum.paradoxplaza.com] or submit a support ticket[support.paradoxplaza.com]; this is the fastest way for us to see and address any problems.

Keep in mind while these changes shouldn't affect 1.37.0/1.37.1 save games too ... Read more

24 May

Hey all! Ryagi back to give you another Mod Spotlight, this time we're taking a short dive into the alternate history world of Post Finem. Lead dev, Chewy does a great job introducing you straight into that world, so I'll let him take it away!


Hello everyone! My name is Chewy and I am the lead developer for Post Finem (and I’m also the guy who watches the AI ruin itself on YouTube).

For those who don’t know what Post Finem is, it is an alternate history overhaul mod for Europa Universalis IV that aims to answer the question: What if it was CARTHAGE that was victorious in the Punic Wars, and Rome was dismantled upon their completion?
Of course everyone has their ideas of how alternate history should unfold and what is “realistic” and “unrealistic,” and at the end of the day, the beauty of fiction is that reality is often even stranger!

The lore dump is available on the wiki (still WIP... Read more

18 May

Hey Folks! @Ryagi here to bring you a juicy mod (mod update?) spotlight. With EU4's latest free update and DLC recently dropping, 1.37[forum.paradoxplaza.com] + Winds of Change[forum.paradoxplaza.com], modders big and small have been hard at work to ensur... Read more

15 May

Europa Universalis is taking part in the Steam 2024 Endless Replayability fest.
Dominate the world, paint the map and make your mark on history!

Base game and editions: Read more

08 May

    PDXRyagi on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi there! Apologies for the hassle, this is a known issue.

It's very much intended everyone with the sub should gain instant access to any dlc. Some people are reporting it seems to get fixed for them automatically after a brief period of time. I'd recommend checking back in later, if you are still having issues feel free to follow up.

30 Apr

Hello everyone!

We're finally one week away from Europa Universalis IV: Wind of Change release!

The next Wednesday, May 8th, be ready to play with the Incan Empire, the Netherlands, the Timurids, and all the other countries we’ve added content on for this new expansion! Remember that you can pre-purchase it and receive an additional Music Pack with 3 songs to give an extra touch to your campaign with exploration and trade tones.
... Read more

23 Apr

Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s Developer Diary!
My name is Stefan and this is my first time presenting a Dev Diary, so let me do a small introduction.
I am acting as the 3D Art Coordinator at Tinto and my main responsibility is to coordinate all the efforts of the Tinto 3D art team and make sure we create a cohesive and consistent artist look.
Now, let's proceed and allow me to present some artwork for Winds of Change DLC. Afterward, Dargeths will present the new achievements for the 1.37 update.


Loading Screen As usual, the first piece of art is the loading screen. Since the Incas are one of the pillars for the Winds of Change DLC and the free update, we’ve decided to introduce a new leader for the Pre-Columbian Civilizations, marking the first since El Dorado in 2015, which featured Moctezuma II in Tenochtitlan. Our choice was Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, also called Pachacútec (1438–1471), because of his importance as the founder... Read more

16 Apr

Hello and welcome to the latest EUIV Dev Diary! Today, I’m going to present you a bit different one, addressing various topics related to the upcoming DLC and patch:

  • The trailer and release date for Winds of Change, our newest Expansion for Europa Universalis IV
  • A summary of all the features that are available in Winds of Change.
  • A showcase of the free content we've included in the 1.37 ‘Inca’ update, which includes improvements to the base game, new modding tools, a fresh set of portraits for women in North America, and a total of nine new monuments exclusively for owners of the Leviathan DLC.
Before diving into the details, I would like to share the amazing trailer that our Marketing team has prepared for Winds of Change. Let us know what you think!

... Read more

11 Apr

    PDXRyagi on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
1.44.4 Patch Notes:
-France removed

09 Apr

Hello and welcome to another Developer Diary! Today we shall talk about the last two nations that will receive specific content for this DLC. But before we start, I should mention some further tweaks based on your feedback from previous DDs:
  • Montezuma no longer starts as a general for the Aztecs. In exchange, you’ll be able to convert him to one through a decision with the general stats he used to have before. If you feel lucky, you can use the normal way to make a ruler into a general if you think you can roll higher stats though.
  • The modifier for “Rise of Montezuma” will give Average Monarch Lifespan in order to keep your ruler alive for longer.
  • Should Montezuma die, the conquest missions will give alternative rewards.
  • Oman-Zanzibar has been renamed to Zanzibar, and you can rename yourself back to Oman should you ever wish.

With that being said, let us get into the content for the Timurids. Let’s s... Read more

05 Apr

Hey all, Ryagi here. If you've clicked on this post because you want to see just what modders can do when you let them cook, you're in the right place!

Today we dive into the mods that took part in the Modathon Season 2, modders had only 2 weeks to create these mods. Think game jam but for EUIV mods. The outcome was spectacular, enjoy!


Babur’s Gate IV

Hello everyone. We are the Babur’s Gate IV team, and today we are honored to present the fruits of our work during the 2024 Modathon - the first (and currently only) Europa Universalis IV RPG: Babur’s Gate IV.

For the 2024’s Modathon we wanted to make something truly impressive and something that would show how far the game can be pushed to its limits. With 1.36, the modding scene has been revolutionized with the addition of custom GUI. Before, possibilities of modding UI ... Read more

02 Apr

Welcome back to another Development Diary! This week we will talk about the Hordes that occupy the lands between the Pontic Steppe and Mongolia.

Before we start, I want to share with you some changes we made, based on the feedback we received since the last development diary:
  • The formable countries that required Tech 20, will now be unlocked with Tech 18. This will affect all formable countries that previously required Tech 20.
  • Andean Empire and Divine Kingship now allow their country to use to use Divine ideas instead of Aristocratic ideas.
  • High-American nations will be able to benefit from Obsidian sources.
And with that, let's get into today's content.

By 1444, the era of Genghis Khan was long gone and only the remnants of its successor states populated the steppes. The descendants of the Yuan dynasty had found themselves under the Oirat Khanate, which would lead to a conflict with the Ming dynasty ... Read more

19 Mar

Hello folks! Today's Dev Diary covers some key central European countries, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary & Germany.

As you can see, all of these countries received some Mission Trees before in the Emperor DLC. Therefore we decided that these nations should receive a touch-up, that is, an update similar in scope to that which Spain received during Domination. Thus, the main idea was not a total overhaul, but preservation of the core skeleton of their old tree, improving and expanding it where needed, and adding additional flavor and as many important historical things as possible that could not fit into their old mission trees.

Unfortunately, this Developer Diary is simply too long to share directly here on steam, so if you are interested,
You can find the rest of this Dev Diary ... Read more

12 Mar

Hello and good afternoon! Today we will be taking a look at the content we have in store for Venice, Italy, and the Netherlands. All three of these countries have many gameplay aspects in common, trade, maritime prowess, and, to some degree, colonization. Either as important proponents of history, as is the case for Netherlands and Venice, or as valuable gameplay additions in Italy’s case, these countries are due to receive new content with the upcoming DLC.

Venice Reaching its apogee of power during the 15th century, the Most Serene Republic of Venice is located in the heart of maritime activity, with a strong grip on its home end node. Following an illustrious history, La Serenìssima stands as one of the most influential Italian states. At the cusp of the Renaissance, the prosperity of the arts & culture gives way to the blooming and rise of new artists, architecture and traditions. To the south, the remnants of Rome are ripe for the taking, between the forces of the Republ... Read more

05 Mar

While the European kingdoms are leaving the Medieval period and starting their centralization to the modern states, the New World these soon-to-be colonizers will discover is already home to other empires. The heart of Mexico is settled by the Nahuatl empire of the Aztecs, led by the great Moctezuma I who aims to centralize the Triple Alliance and establish a realm that drives fear to the hearts of its enemies. The Mayans, once controllers of the jungles of Chiapas and Guatemala have retreated to the Yucatan peninsula. Their once great realm is now splintered into a series of city-states, not all too unlike the Italian domains. In the heights of the Andes reigns the many different Inti kingdoms. One of them, Cusco, will be destined to unify the region under the rule of Pachacuti and his descendants, forming the first Incan Empire.

Welcome to our newest Development Diary for the upcoming DLC. Today, we will take a look at the content for Central and South America - namel... Read more

04 Mar

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Yes it is :)

However do note that if your steam wallet is empty steam will automatically use funds from other payment methods you attached to your account.

03 Mar

    PDXRyagi on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Free features still come with each update, so I would highly recommend it! Though some people still enjoy playing on older versions which is also valid.

When 1.37 and the DLC with it launch, free features (1.37) and paid (Unnamed DLC) features will be separated into 2 different sections in the patch notes.