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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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We're only one month out before PDXCON returns to Stockholm this September! Meet the devs, join a massive board game session, attend Paradox games' orchestra and of course play our games!

In addition to all the activities offered by our other games (Don't forget you'll be able play Victoria 3 at PDXCON!), you also get the chance to experience some in person EU4 fun such as...

Play through the History of Europa Universalis Have you played EU1 or EU2? This might be your chance to do it and to meet with Johan and the team at Paradox Tinto. We’ll have all the historical EU games playable for a day at the event, a good opportunity to dive into our (glorious) past.

EU4 Panel and Q&A Johan and the team will be talking about what’s next for EU4 at Paradox Tinto, and of course answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about the game and red spanish wines.

EU4 Timed Challenge Limited time, a devious challenge carefully crafted by the EU4 team, do you have what it takes to score the best and get on top of the leaderboard?

Get tickets here while supplies last! [paradoxinteractive.com]

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