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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone! I’m Kuba, Release Engineer & Interim QA Coordinator here at Paradox Tinto and today I’d like to talk about some known issues and our plan for upcoming weeks.

After making 1.35.2 and following the hotfix, we addressed most of the pressing issues that could negatively impact your gameplay and could be prepared and tested in the time we had available. That being said, we are not yet done with improvements and bug fixing, as there are issues that are brought up by the community in the forums [forum.paradoxplaza.com]as well as discovered by our internal testing. The following list is the Known Issues to let you know that we are actively working on fixing these.

  • Issues regarding the canals, that that makes them disappear or not appear at all
  • Issues with missing Expand Empire Casus Belli
  • Further fixes for the events of the Chinese floods
  • Issues related to Taking land in war result in losing all crownland

Also, we are preparing for other less prominent issues, which are nevertheless important to us. Some examples would be:

  • France has access to Strong Duchies after integrating all their Appanages
  • Issues with Land of the Christian Sun reform for Republic / Theocratic Japan
  • Siam’s Ideas Rebalance
  • Fixes in the game translations
  • Around 100 more upcoming bug fixes like those!

Those examples were chosen to give you an idea of what kind of issues we will be fixing in this patch as well. As you probably noticed I mentioned weeks instead of days, which means the next patch which will be 1.35.4 will come out probably next month, as we want to properly test all changes, especially the balance changes, so we need more time to do it.

We will be monitoring all the bug reports and social media for other issues as well to ensure that our focus is on the bugs that are annoying our community the most. While I cannot promise any particular fix at this point, we will attempt to prioritize and fix as many as we can.

This also means that we won't be posting new development diaries soon, but we will keep the communication open to keep you all informed of our intentions and plans.

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