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Hello and welcome everyone to another Europa Universalis IV development diary. It is a few days since we released the Origins immersion pack and the accompanying 1.32 update. This was the first fully Tinto designed and developed release, and we feel proud of the result.

We can write a lot about how great it has been doing, but I want to focus on a few things in today's diary.

First of all, a thank you to all of you who are part of the community. It is sometimes hard to read when the work you have done is not good enough, but all the constructive feedback we have gotten this spring and summer have really helped us fix things for the 1.32 patch.

Secondly, I want to highlight how happy I am with seeing how you enjoy our new missions that our new CD team have designed. With a focus on more interesting experiences than just claims and buffs, it seems to be exactly what you, the community, wants. Hopefully we can attempt to revise some older ones in future updates.

Thirdly, and this ties nicely together to the next part of the diary, we have had a focus on fixing old bugs for EU4, and have managed to reduce our bug count in an unprecedented way for a GSG in the last 14 months. We want to continue this, and make sure that when we finally end development on EU4, the game should not have a large horde of bugs still around, like some previous games sadly have.

So, what happens now?

First of all, we aim to release another larger “hotfix” for any issues remaining, this should be out in good time before the Grandest Lan in December.

Secondly, we aim to release a larger patch with more fixes & improvements during late q1 next year.

After that we’ll start working on another immersion pack. This sadly means though, that for the next few months, there will not be a weekly development diary, but only ones when we have something new to say..


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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.