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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s Developer Diary!

My name is Arnau, I am an Internal QA Tester working at Tinto. And I'm here with Pintu to bring you this week's Dev Diary where we will focus on one of our favorite topics, the new Achievements that will accompany 1.35.

The idea we have about achievements is to try to give a new inspiration or goal to our beloved players. Some of them are to provide additional depth and difficulty of the campaign and others are paths that will diverge from your normal gameplay experience. We have tried to give a little bit of everything in these new achievements and we hope you will enjoy them.
With the focus of Domination being on some of the major powers of the time it was a bit more difficult than usual to find suitable Achievements, since a lot of these nations are already covered with a fair share of Achievements.
So here is the list of the achievements we at Tinto came up with for the 1.35 Patch.

From Frankfurt to the Andes

Starting as Frankfurt, form Jerusalem, and then form the Inca while owning Mallorca.

Let’s start with a small history Lesson for this one. There once was a small group of people in the Imperial City of Frankfurt. After being kicked out of the City because of rebellious behavior they did find asylum on the Balearic Islands where they quickly established themselves as Pirates to live in true freedom. This newfound Freedom brough to a variety of new shores, but one place inspired them more than anything, the Holy City of Jerusalem. From there they spread their beliefs to the New World, where they gave refuge to expelled People from all over the world. With these people, and some inspiration found while looking into the wisdom of the Sun, they swiftly drafted a new plan to ensure their everlasting legacy. And so the Inti State of Jerusalem was born.
What? That sounds like a fantasy story to you? You better brush up on your history lessons then!
Jokes aside, this Achievement was born out of the Grandest LAN last year and the participants from our Studio might have joined a Cult in the process and this is the payment that is expected from us now.

Mehmet's Ambition

Starting as The Ottomans, own or have Core Eyalets own all the provinces required to form the Roman Empire before 1500.

Do you want to prove to everyone who is the true Successor of the Roman Empire? Make the Conqueror proud by establishing yourself as the true Roman Emperor Sultan.

Triple the Rome

As Russia, be the Emperor of China and the HRE.

You might ask yourself what there is to aim for as a mighty emperor. Obviously a second emperor title! Or two…

No Country for Old Tercios

As Spain have Reformed Tercios, 33 Tercio Units, and control 3 Great Power capitals at the same time.

Gonzalo, get the pike! It’s time to show them how to manage this. I think a third of the World should be ours.

All Blue

As Portugal, all Europe is owned by you or blue European countries that exist in 1444.

All the good things in life are blue. The sky, the sea and even Portugal. Live out your dream to find the All Blue! On your Journey you will find people who share the same Dream.

Stardust Crusaders

As Japan have the Land of the Christian Sun reform while Palestine and Cairo are Christian.

"Oh, you're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming straight to me?”

Copium Wars

Starting and playing as Ming, own the Britain region.

Don’t worry, they are just here to teach you about Tea.


Starting as England, form the Angevin Kingdom and enact all the Acts of Crown parliamentary issues.

Guess who's back. And now with an even fresher color, new ideas and the desire to take it all around. Assert your claim to the french throne and guide Europe to your Dream of a true union.

The Reapers

Starting as Aragon, be a Peasant Republic and have Madrid and Paris owned by any Peasant Republic.

We are peaceful people who want to bring you freedom. What, you don't want to embrace our system? Well, we have other tools to make you see reason.

So, that’s all for today! Since we are close to release this Dev Diary is a rather short one, since there is not much left to cover for this Updates Cycle.
In next week's Dev Diary we will talk about the Changelog for the coming 1.35 Update. We hope you are as excited as we are for the Release of the 1.35 Patch and Domination in just two weeks from now.

Oh and last but not least...

Don't worry achievement hunters we <3 you

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