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  • Added autosave slots to "The Rest" settings gui. more


  • Fixed a crash with crafting machines using burner energy sources and items that produce burnt results. more
  • Fixed that the bonus GUI could show incorrect values for modded inserter bonuses. more
  • Fixed that additional layers of multi-layer recipe icons were tinted when building. more
  • Fixed that restoring a window minimized to the macOS dock would freeze the graphics. more
  • Fixed a crash related to failed audio initialization and switching audio devices.
  • Fixed a crash when creating surfaces during the chunk deleted event. more
  • Fixed that projectiles didn't draw oriented lights at the correct orientation. more
  • Fixed that the 'create_spidertron()' Lua function didn't set the correct minable result name. more
  • Fixed that 'item on ground' didn't show item amount in the tooltip. more
  • Fixed a crash when restarting after syncing mods with save if the mod(s) were disabled and the save had a valid replay. more
  • Fixed working sound's volume or speed not being matched to activity when fading, for example with pipes. more
  • Fixed overlaping red and green wires connected to a power switch. more
  • Fixed that moving a container with which a loader was interacting would not disconnect the loader.
  • Fixed that vehicle ammo slot filter selection would show ammos that the slot cannot accept. more
  • Fixed vehicle ammo slot style when filtered. more
  • Fixed train lights in preview would render for trains on surface a player is on, not for the surface being rendered. more
  • Fixed that cloning item entities wouldn't clone the to-be-looted flag. more
  • Fixed that boilers wouldn't consume fuel if fed fluid at maximum temperature. more
  • Fixed a desync related to custom blueprints. more
  • Fixed transport belts not decompressing overcompressed items in certain cases. more
  • Fixed drawing an extra shadow for health bars of items on ground and items on belts.
  • Fixed that connecting circuit or copper wires in map view did not work if the Build and Drag map controls conflicted. more
  • Fixed override_sound_type having no effect. more


  • Added 'entity' to LuaPlayer::open_map and LuaPlayer::zoom_to_world, which specifies an entity to follow.
  • Added LuaRailPath::is_front read.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::alert_icon_scale read.
  • Added LuaBootstrap::get_prototype_history().
  • Added LuaGameScript::console_command_used read.
  • Added is_split to on_player_fast_transferred.
  • Added LuaPlayer::drag_target read.
  • Added LuaControl::surface_index and force_index read.
  • Added LuaEntity::inserter_target_pickup_count read.


  • Added LoaderPrototype::allow_rail_interaction and allow_container_interaction.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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