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Before the new season, the ornaments and effects for an outfit would be displayed separately, and after buying an outfit I could mix and match its ornaments and effects separately in the ornaments and effects tabs. Now, it seems I need to equip the entire outfit first, and then go through and change all the customization by hand again. But that's beside the point.

More importantly, for some reason, my outfit is only giving me an idle effect and not an execution and emote effect. I bought the Forge Mythic outfit for Warlord before the update, and it gave me the Thor's Strike effect for idle, executions, and emotes. After the update, when I re-equipped the Forge Mythic outfit for the ornament and effect, I was no longer getting the Thor's Strike execution and emote effect, only the idle effect.

The only reason I bought the Forge Mythic outfit was for this effect. I'm hoping that this wasn't an intentional change. How can I get the Thor's Strike execution and emote effects back?

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Hey there @VorpalBlade027!

If you haven't already, then as a first step please go ahead and run through the basic troubleshooting steps outlined here.

If they don't help, can you please get us a clip showcasing the issue, as well as your workaround? Also, is only happening with specific mythic outfits, or all of them?

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Hey there @J-vdVen and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I'm sorry to hear that you're no longer getting executions and emotes effects on certain outfits. So we can look into this and provide as much information as possible to the dev team, could you share a video of this behaviour with us? The video can be uploaded to any video-sharing website, such as YouTube or Dailymotion 😊