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My game has an unusual issue, I will join a game, and halfway into it, I will be disconnected because the ethernet cable has been disconnected. This is impossible as I do not own one. So this has to be a issue on Ubisoft part, as there is only in my house, what are the solutions to this.
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Hey BalthasarGlad, welcome to the forums! That is very odd to see if you are connected via Wi-fi. Could you share with us the error message you receive and if a code is also provided in the massage?
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Thanks for providing that. Can you let me know if your NAT is Open, Strict, or Closed? Can you also let me know when this started happening, and which game modes are affected?
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Hey S0L0SK and welcome to the forums! In Dominion, there are a few things that may factor into earning more points that can be found in Our Article Here. If you've been experiencing connectivity issues during your matches, however, please let us know what other issues you have encountered during your matches recently.
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Thanks for the update, S0L0SK. This sounds like it may be a different issue than the one affecting the internet connection. To avoid changing topics in this thread, could you create a new thread along with any video clips of your matches showing the difference of points between you and other players so we can take a closer look into this with you?

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