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Does the complaint system in the game work at all?

2 months ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @solbadguy_ In-game reports are automated and do not require you to fill in additional details. You will receive a confirmation message when a report is sent.

We are unable to share the details of our investigation with you. However, we do thoroughly investigate all reports and are committed to making Ubisoft spaces safe for everyone.

You can also report a player directly to us. To do this please check the support article here.

I have also removed the video as this goes against the forum rules.

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@solbadguy_ Hi there 😊

You can report a player by contacting our support team, on the Ubisoft Help website.

If you have already reported the player in-game, you do not need to reach out to us, since that report will be investigated.


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