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09 May


Originally posted by xPrissyDollx

Hi I've already done so and your teams response is ...send in game bug report....I HAVE ALREADY! and if the game is froze u can't send it right then and there...I am missing out on my daily challenges and xp because I can't play I know I am not the first to complain of this issue pretty sure yal are well aware ...sorry for my rudeness but it's been almost 3 weeks

The report doesn't need to be right when it occurs, just in the same game session so we can pull the debugging information. I am going to dm you to grab more details. Thanks!


Hi u/xPrissyDollx Next time this happens can you please submit an in-game bug report and then send me a DM to let me know? This will help us look into what might be going on. Thanks!

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When using split-screen, opening the Map or Quest screen will cause the other players’ view to become all black, blocking their vision.


The affected player can open and close their map to regain visibility.



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Description Driving a vehicle can sometimes clip under the map when impacting the ground

Platform PC

Jira FORT-461272


That's awesome, great job u/tioorochilixao! Time to compete in those Cash Cups and FNCS 🔥

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Heya /u/studog-reddit , DM'd you for some more info