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Hmm in that case it isn't just you not hearing the audio, there is no quest dialogue happening period. Whether they messed something up, or removed the dialogue I do not know, there has been one other post recently with this issue.

/u/FreightTrainUSA - Could you please let the team be aware of this issue? Would love to know if this is an intentional change or a bug.

Here's a link to the quest dialogue that seems to be missing.

This is interesting for sure and i can bring it up to our QA team to further look into any audio/subtitle issues.

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The subtitles of the survivors overlap the subtitles of the voicelines of the main missions or events, it is more important to read RaY's task of forcing us to get BEANS than to listen to the cries of help from a survivor, can you report that?
Edit: pls?

Like to keep it one issue per post when our team looks back at these, if you can make another reddit post on the issue or point me to a previous report that would be hepful.